Stiff joints and painful joints can ail any part of the body. However, they are most common in knees, shoulders and hips. Ankle joint pain is another form of joint pain that can range from being mild to acute. Joint pain is usually accompanied by joint stiffness and inflammation.

Causes & Types Of Joint Pain

Muscle and joint pain can be due to multiple causes, arthritis being the most widespread. Osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, post-traumatic arthritis, avascular necrosis, gout, strains and sprains etc. are some conditions that can cause sore joints.

This condition causes the wear out of cartilage and bones, leading to joint pain and stiffness. It usually affects those who have crossed 50 years of age.

Inflammation caused due to excess synovial fluid being produced between joints results in rheumatoid arthritis. This condition leads to cartilage damage and joint pain and stiffness. Women are more susceptible to suffer from this condition than men.

Post-Traumatic Arthritis

Post injury, it’s a possibility that the bone and cartilage do not heal completely. This can lead to joint problems and chronic joint pain.

Organ transplants or long-term cortisone treatments may lead to bones being deprived of their normal blood supply. This weakens the bone structure causing damage to the cartilage as well.

High levels of uric acid in the body can cause gout. The excess acid forms crystals in the joints causing joint inflammation and swollen joints.

Like with any other medical condition, if joint pain is severe or lasts for more than a couple of days, you should consult your doctor. However, some home joint pain remedies can be adopted for cases where the pain is mild.

Massage is known to help in improving blood circulation and soothe inflammation. Joint stiffness, joint inflammation and aching joints can be improved through regular massage. Massage oils can be used for this joint pain remedy.

Both hot and cold compress play their role as remedies for joint pain. Whilst cold compress reduces joint inflammation, hot compress helps in minimizing pain and relaxes swollen and aching joints.

One mistake that one can easily make when suffering from muscle and joint pain is to stop exercising. In fact, being regular with exercising helps in keeping your joints supple.

Turmeric is a wonder spice that has been used in Indian cooking for decades. It has anti-inflammatory benefits that help arthritis pain by reducing joint inflammation.

Losing some weight can relieve a lot of pressure on joints. Not only will it help reduce pain, but will ensure that there is no further damage to the joints in the future.

There can be many reasons that can lead to joint pain. It’s important to recognize the symptoms and try and understand the root cause of your pain to ensure the right treatment.