Hernia Post Operative Care

Our nurses are experienced in providing a complete range of nursing care specializations, which includes:

    Hernia Post Operative Care

    Our nurses are experienced in providing a complete range of nursing care specializations, which includes:

      Hernia Post Operative Care

      Going through any surgery can be an emotionally and physically taxing phase and hernias are no exception. But what is even more important is the postoperative care after hernia surgery. Once you have undergone a successful surgery, it is important to take care of your health and ensure that you follow every instruction given by your doctor for the postoperative care.

      There are a number of things to remember after your surgery like having a swelling at the surgical site is a common occurrence after the procedure and you need not worry exceptionally for the same. Even an abdominal bloating is a common observation in patients who are recovering after a successful surgery for a hernia.

      One of the things your doctor will tell you when giving instructions about post-operative care for hernia is that you may occasionally see bruises or different skin colours during the healing process. This is normal and nothing to panic about. Also, if you find any swelling in the genital area and / or there is a fluid retention which feels like a lump, do not worry. These signs generally occur post the hernia surgery. All you need is to apply cold compress every time this occurs over the first few days at home. And you will see things improving pretty soon.

      Apart from these symptoms that occur for the first few days, you also need to take care of the surgical site as part of your post-operative care of hernia. Your doctor will most likely inform you when you can take a shower, once you are back home. If they do not, make sure to ask them. It depends on the way your incision has been drained.

      In case your incision has been closed by means of glue, you can take a bath from the same day. However, if you have a bandage covering your incision, your doctor would ask you to keep it dry. So, you must avoid showering for at least 3 – 4 days. You can take a bath post that, but make sure that the wet bandage is not kept on your incision as it can lead to infections. Remove it and replace with a fresh and dry dressing.

      Another very important thing to keep in mind during post-operative care for hernia is to keep your activities at a minimum, unless otherwise instructed by your doctor. This does not mean you should not have any exercise. You need to keep moving your body and carry out some light activity as that helps in improved blood circulation and faster healing. However, do not undertake any strenuous activity.

      There are a lot of things the doctor or hospital will tell you about inguinal hernia surgery post-operative care. Here is a ready list of things that are a must during your recovery period


      • Keeping the wound clean and dry – One of the most important requirements of post-operative care for hernia is to make sure the incision and the surgical site in general is kept dry at all times. This helps in avoiding infections as well as promotes faster healing.
      • Follow the dietary recommendations – While external healing is important, it needs to be adequately supported by internal healing. This is possible only by properly following the dietary recommendations as prescribed by the doctor and the nutritionist.
      • Light Activities, especially walking, are a must – During postoperative care after hernia surgery, it is very important to aid the blood circulation as much as possible. One of the best ways to do so is by walking, as that does not stress out the abdomen muscles and yet gets the blood circulation going. Hence, try to walk as much as you can.
      • Strenuous physical activities are to be avoided – While light activity like walking is recommended when recovering from an inguinal hernia surgery, avoid any heavy exercise like lifting or running or climbing stairs that strains your abdominal muscles. Such activities should only be restarted gradually and after consulting your doctor.
      • Do not drive until your follow up visit – Under no circumstances should you be driving under the influence of anesthesia. Make sure to check with your doctor when can you get back behind the wheel. It is better to start after a few weeks and as a rider, before you start driving on your own again. However, your doctor will be the best person to advise you on this.
      • Check with your doctor before resuming sexual activity – This is also an important point to remember and check, when visiting your doctor for the post-operative follow up meeting. Resume only after your doctor has confirmed that it poses no risk for you.













      Just like medicines, rest and exercise, another very important component of your comprehensive post-operative care for inguinal hernia is the diet that you will be consuming.

      For an infant, it is advised to resume oral feeds when they wake up after the effect of the anesthesia wears off. The only thing to monitor is that their respiration has stabilized.

      For grown up children and adults, you will typically be given a diet chart to be followed by your doctor or diet consultant. It is good to consume fresh fruits and vegetables and as much as possible take in fluids. This helps in avoiding the bloating that some patients may feel as well as preventing constipation.

      The entire process of preparing for and undergoing a surgery can be stressful for anyone. After the surgery is over, it is always better to spend the recovery period at home. The familiar environment and the support of family members can help you recover much faster. However, you still need the expertise of specialists during this period. This is where we come in.

      We at Care24 have an experienced team of professionals, who have been carefully screened and are thoroughly trained on post-operative care for hernia. Our team of qualified nurses, ably supported by our team of specialist doctors can help make this recovery process easier and faster for you. They can visit you, as per your convenience, to monitor your status as well as guide you on things you need help with.

      If need be, our specially trained nursing staff can also be deployed to provide 24 X 7 care to the patient. Whatever be your need, get in touch with us via our website, email or the toll free number and we can schedule a visit of our team to understand your specific requirements so that we can deliver.

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