Nursing Care for Cerebral Palsy

Our nurses have experience in providing a wide range of Cerebral Palsy nursing care services, which includes:

    Nursing Care for Cerebral Palsy

    Our nurses have experience in providing a wide range of Cerebral Palsy nursing care services, which includes:

      nursing care plan for Cerebral palsy

      What are the details one needs to know about the nursing care of Cerebral Palsy?



      Cerebral Palsy is a disease of the neurological system that causes a problem in mobility and other muscular movements and other skills. A person having this disease is unable to move properly just like a normal human being. It may cause a fidgeting sensation and a pull in the muscles which may cause hindrance in the movements.  This particular disease is the most common disability among children that develops in the uterus itself when the baby is in the womb of the mother. Serious consequences may even lead to brain damage. This disease happens to come into existence when the mother is going through labour or just after the baby has taken birth. Cerebral palsy may vary from child to child. Different children may undergo different kinds of immobility or affected parts. Cerebral palsy is an umbrella term that covers almost all the different types of disability and extent of immobility.  Nursing care plans for Cerebral Palsy are there which improves the disability, not entirely but to a great extent mostly. Nursing procedures including physiotherapy of the bodily organ that is affected, massage on that particular area for the prolonged duration of time for many days, proper and timely medication, regular exercise as prescribed by the doctor, routine check-ups, having proper meals and many other procedures as prescribed by the doctor in charge.

      There are several problems relating to this neurological disease of cerebral palsy. Numbness and muscle pull are the two major problems faced by the kids having this disease. There are several nursing care plan for cerebral palsy.

      There are over 500,000 children who are grievously affected by this disease. Practically speaking, there is no cure to this disability, but the living qualities and movements can be improved to a significant extent by different means of nursing care plan for cerebral palsy.  It takes time to improve as a child grows into an adult and slowly changes can be easily seen in his movements. If proper cerebral palsy nursing care is not taken the disability may grow which may lead to several bodily problems that can be listed as:


      1. Stammering and speech problems are causing the problem to speak.
      2. Cerebral palsy may cause problems in learning if the ear or eyes or any other important part of the body is affected.
      3. It may cause perception impairment. One may not be able to judge things well, for example, a ball coming towards a person with cerebral palsy may not be able to understand it.
      4. Problems relating to hearing and seeing.
      5. Epilepsy is a grave disorder which causes an enormous amount of shaking of hands, legs, and organs present at maximum distances.
      6. The spine is affected due to this disease. Cerebral Palsy nursing care can help to a significant extent.
      7. Problems in the joint between the two bones. Constant massage and cerebral palsy nursing care can help improve it.

      The cerebral palsy nursing care plan can help get rid of these ailments not fully, but mostly. The different plans that are included in the nursing plans may be listed down as:


      1. There are different methods of massaging that are done by cerebral palsy nursing care. If the affected area is external organs that hands or limbs then normal oil massaging or massaging with special lotion as prescribed the doctor for a long period can be of great help.
      2. Proper meals or maintaining a proper diet gives strength and eating more of proteins in the diet can make huge changes in movements. They are also eating fruits vegetables and things that are good for the nerve to improve muscular movements largely.
      3. Proper exercise that causes the nerves to expand and function. It provokes them to work more and improve bodily movements.
      4. Meditation and yoga can bring about significant changes in no time. People with cerebral palsy are made to do yoga in the nursing care department. Nursing care plan for cerebral palsy in adults and nursing care plan for a cerebral palsy child may be different from one another since growth matters a lot in this case, but yoga and meditation are common for both of them.  

      Care24 provides health care facilities at home. In other words,Care24 sends skilful physiotherapists who have years of experience and talent who are there for providing instant relief. These physiotherapy sessions are very efficient and a must requirement as prescribed by honourable doctors. Nursing care plan for cerebral palsy in adults and nursing care for the cerebral palsy child are both provided by Care24.

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