ICU Care At Home

Our nurses are experienced in providing a complete range of nursing care specializations, which includes: 

    ICU Care At Home

    Our nurses are experienced in providing a complete range of nursing care specializations, which includes:

      ICU Care Services At Home

      What is meant by Intensive Care?

      Intensive care refers to the dedicated care of patients who are seriously ill as deemed by the doctors. These patients require special treatment, so they are often placed in designated special units called the Intensive Care Unit (ICU) in a hospital. The medication, treatment procedures, hygiene and the assistance is immediate and of better quality, since the patient’s medical condition is severe, and he or she requires utmost importance when it comes to dedicating a clinic/hospital’s resources. A person who is severely ill can only be admitted in the emergency ward or the ICU.


      Intensive care can also be carried out at home, but requires setup of adequate instruments that are required in case of an emergency, doctor’s assistance, proper aeration and establishing a sterile environment. There will also be a huge dependency on the availability of a dedicated medical team to take care of the patient in emergency conditions.

      People who might have faced a serious accident, or a patient suffering from organ malfunction, might often require immediate setup of an intensive care unit. With the advancement in medical technology and operations, it has become possible to organize intensive care at home.


      There are several different reasons why a patient might require emergency care –


      • Due to a severe injury such as an accident, a head injury, fall from a great height or deadly burns from hot water or fire.
      • Due to an instant stroke or a heart attack, or an abrupt fall or increase in the sugar level in the body or blood pressure in the body.
      • Due to a severe type of infection in the body, such as severe sepsis and pneumonia.
      • Due to incidents that require immediate attention, such as snake bite, exposure to noxious gases, etc.

      Intensive care is provided by the highly qualified doctors and trained staff members, specialized to operate at peak efficiency during an emergency scenario. There are also trained to use a number of highly advanced medical devices and procedures.


      The instruments provided in the ICU include the following:


      1. Ventilator
      2. The instrument used for monitoring
      3. IV lines and pumps
      4. Tubes used for feeding the patients
      5. Drains and catheters used for excretion purpose.
      6. The medical team has to be well trained for emergency procedures and assistance.

      Care24 provides intensive care support which comes in the from a specialized group of highly qualified doctors, well trained nurses, staff members, and other medical superintendents. 24/7 assistance is provided to the patient who requires intensive care. The main motive of the entire medical team is to put in their 100% and recover the patient from the emergency condition. Care24 looks after the patients by providing highly trained nurses who are well acquainted with tackling extremely difficult situations. Care24 also facilitates the supply and deployment of emergency equipment.

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