Chemotherapy Nursing Care

Our nurses have experience in providing a wide range of chemotherapy care services, which includes:

    Chemotherapy Nursing Care

    Our nurses have experience in providing a wide range of chemotherapy care services, which includes:

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      All you must know about the nursing care of patients receiving chemotherapy


      What is chemotherapy?


      The cells of the body constantly divide and grow as a part of the body processes. When an individual is affected by cancer, cell reproduction becomes abnormal and uncontrolled. The uncontrolled reproduction of cells results in more cell creation within the same space. This later inhabits the place of the user cells in the region. The drugs used in the process of chemotherapy are very effective against stopping the cancer cells from growing and reproducing. Chemotherapy uses a single drug injection or a combination of multiple drugs. The chemotherapy treatment can be done either by injecting the drug in the blood, or they can be applied specifically to the cancer-prone regions within the body.

      The drugs used in chemotherapy can help in the following ways:


      1. Cy-totoxic drugs prevent cell division (mitosis impairment).
      2. The drugs target the food source of the affected cells that reside in the form of hormones and enzymes which serve as their growth factors.
      3. Targets the apoptosis which is commonly the suicide cells of cancer.
      4. The drugs interfere with the growth of the new blood vessels that supply a tumor and make it starve.

      Chemotherapy’s effectiveness in stopping the oxygen flow and the blood flow to the tumor is under controversy in the present day. Stopping the blood flow is a better alternative than making the cells starve. This can cause effective recovery and simultaneously aid the treatment by reducing the chances of metastasis. Scientists say that the effective treatment of cancer cells can be done by resisting the blood flow towards them and targeting the protein supply too.

      The cells affected with cancer usually grow at a faster rate. The chemotherapy drugs are effective in killing the cells at the same rate as they grow. As the drugs circulate the whole body, there can be a significant effect caused to the other healthy cells too. Damaging the healthy cells in the human body through chemotherapy drugs impose several side effects on the body that shows visible signs. The normal cells that are damaged through the chemotherapy drugs are mainly the cells in the bone marrow that aids blood formation, hair follicles, and cells present in the reproductive system, digestive tract, and mouth. Some of the drugs cause damage to the kidneys, heart, lungs, bladder, and the central nervous system. Patients can also take alternative medicines along with the chemotherapy sessions to protect the healthy cells from the side effects. The chemotherapy levels are usually high for the treatment of cancer while trying to minimize the side effects. The doctors also avoid increased drug consumption at the same time that can cause the same side effects. The common side effects caused by chemotherapy are as follows:


      1. Infections.
      2. Hair Loss.
      3. Fatigue.
      4. Changes in the appetite.
      5. Easy bleeding and bruising.
      6. Constipation.
      7. Anemia.
      8. Diarrhea.
      9. Vomiting.
      10. Nausea.
      11. Mood swings.
      12. Fertility issues.
      13. Change in weight.
      14. Libido and sexual dysfunction.
      15. Throat, mouth, and tongue pain and soar while swallowing.
      16. Change of nail color and dry.
      17. Muscle issues like pain, tingling, and numbing.
      18. Affects the level of concentration and loses focus.
      19. Kidney issues are affecting the urine and bladder.

      Chemotherapy drugs are often used to provide the cancer-prone patients with an ease from the symptoms caused by cancer. This type of application is termed as palliation or palliative chemotherapy. At an advanced stage of cancer where the cancer cells have spread rapidly beyond control to other parts from their point of origin, the medical professionals aim to bring an upgrade to the quality of the lifestyle and help the patient feel better and comfortable. These chemotherapy drugs are often effective in shrinking tumors and relieving the pain and pressure caused by it on the body.

      Home treatments are always the best and suitable for people who are undergoing chemotherapy sessions. They can be more relaxed among their loved ones. This is the time when one must trust Care24 to their best and be rest assured that the treatments are under the safe hands of the professionals.


      The cost of chemotherapy with Care24 is the minimum which keeps an individual relaxed and stress-free. There are a lot of side-effects of chemotherapy, but Health Grow Care24 strives to the fullest reach to sustain the life of the patients in the quickest possible time by executing effective treatment. The possible effects of cancer are well-known, and the team of professionals at Care24 proves them with their high-quality skills and expertise.

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