Male Nursing Services

Our nurses are experienced in providing a complete range of nursing care specializations, which includes:

    Male Nursing Services

    Our nurses are experienced in providing a complete range of nursing care specializations, which includes:

      Male nursing service in India

      What is the need for male nursing service in India?


      A male nurse in India is required in many parts of India where the patients are generally male, and they are pretty shy to be treatedby a female nurse. The jobs like putting the catheter inside the male genitals, helping in using the bedpan or even administering the EKG are pretty private matters and many patients op for specific sex when it comes to caressing by a nurse. A male nurse is opted by many people who require physical help like giving support to a patient whom I unable to go to the bathroom all by himself.  A male can develop an excellent career as a male nurse.  Nursing is a very difficult job since it challenges a human being to work with the utmost diligence, determination, and hard work.


       A nurse has to serve a patient with all the needs such as medication, physical and emotional help, caressing and many more and has to be with the patient in time of need. The main motive of the male nurse is to provide comfort and help in the speedy recovery of the patient. A male nurse has to work day and night for the patient and has to interact with the patient as much as possible. Male nurses earn quite a good sum of money helping the patients and helping them in time of need. That is another reason why a man must opt for male nursing service. A nurse needs to be trained enough to face emergencies, be friendly with the patients and other coordinating members, must have a will for gaining knowledge, work as a team, etc.

      Whenever the word ‘nurse’ is heard, a woman comes into our mind. That’s a common ideology, but it is a fact that the first nurses in the world were male nurses. Training was provided to male volunteers who opted for nursing. Today this profession is mainly dominated by the women multitude. There are many reasons behind male opting for nursing services such as:


      1. This profession is greatly in demand, and one can earn a good deal of money from it.
      2. Since history is a witness that male nursing was the first type of nursing service.
      3. Male patients who are shy and opt for male nurses only would be happy to have them.

      A male home nurse performs all the necessary chores for the patient that mainly aims for the comfort of the patient and the betterment. They aim at providing health care, proper medication, abiding by the rules and instructions as prescribed by the doctor and many other tasks. A male home nurse is strong and can provide physical help to the patient which involves carrying a patient to the bathroom, help the patient to walk, etc. A male home nurse is trained such that they provide maximum efficiency during working hours. These male nurses are extremely talented and have years of experience in their field of work. They are trustworthy and I the mediocre families who are unable to stay at home and take care of the patients, can be relieved by putting their closed ones in their safe hands. These male nurses also perform light household chores such as vacuum cleaning, dishwashing, etc.

      Care24 provided the best and the most experienced individuals who know the task of nursing care very well and can easily tackle emergencies. Their fees demand quite affordable, and they aim at providing support both physical and emotional to the patient. Care24 has extremely trained male nurses who can handle all the chores that need to be performed for the betterment of the disabled and even help in their grooming, bathing, medication, and other important needs. These male nurses are well aware of hygiene, including their own and the surrounding so that the patient can inhale fresh air, eat fresh food, drink fresh and safe water and stay in a healthy environment. 


      The male nurses cook food for the patient with fresh homemade vegetables that is full of nutritional values and will help in the speedy recovery of the patient. The highly skilled male nurses know giving injections, taking blood samples, putting in the catheter; measure the blood pressure, regulating the oxygen flow in the mask if the patient needs one and many other common treatment procedures. Care24 is the perfect call for the ones needing nursing service, whether it is a male or a female, the best out of the best will be provided to the patients because the health of the patient is of prior concern.

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