Antenatal Nursing Care

Our nurses are experienced in providing a complete range of nursing care specializations, including nursing care for Antenatal period :

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Antenatal Nursing Care

Our nurses are experienced in providing a complete range of nursing care specializations, including nursing care for Antenatal period :

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Nursing Care Plan For Antenatal Period

Antenatal health care for mothers is something which is vital for you and your baby


Antenatal health care which is also known as prenatal care is something which is related to you and your baby’s health during pregnancy that is regular check-ups from the doctor, nurse or a midwife. The nursing diagnosis for antenatal mother helps the baby and the mother to have a healthy and safe pregnancy with a healthy lifestyle.


Why is antenatal health care important?


Nursing care plan for the antenatal period is an important part of the pregnancy which helps the mother to stay healthy. Your doctor, nurse, or midwife to whom you are a concern will monitor the development of your future baby.


Antenatal care includes regular screening so that the doctors could detect and prevent early complications such as pregnancy diabetes or hypertension. And also, all the other types of health care issues could be resolved with the help of good antenatal care throughout the course of your pregnancy. During the antenatal nursing care, you get to get sorted with all your discomforts that you are going through and you can also ask a question to know about any doubts during pregnancy and the delivery of the child.


A good nursing care plan for antenatal mother not only benefits your future baby but also the mother to make herself ready with good health for welcoming the little one.


How often will I have prenatal care visits?


The answer to this question about the prenatal care visits mainly depends upon how long your pregnancy period is and how high are your complication risks. For a mother for age, 18-35 years with good health should have prenatal nursing care plan schedule as:


  • For the first 32 weeks every 4 to 6 weeks
  • For the 32nd-37th week every 2 to 3 weeks
  • From the 37th week until the delivery every week.
  • Your doctor may plan according to your health about prenatal care visits.

The nursing diagnosis for antenatal mother consists of tests to keep checking the health of you and your baby. The first visit is followed by the following tests:


  • Anemia
  • Signs that show you are rubella immune
  • The Rh factor and your blood type
  • Some of the infections including toxoplasmosis, and sexually transmitted infections, syphilis, chlamydia, hepatitis B, and HIV
  • And then the other test is also carried out in your nursing care plan for the antenatal period throughout the pregnancy. And the tests are planned mainly depending upon the age, ethnic background, the results of the routine tests, and the family health of the women while the other tests are certainly common for all women like down syndrome or HIV.

Prenatal nursing care includes the following important parts:


  • Visit a doctor at an early stage of pregnancy
  • You should make sure that the intake of folic acid is regular for the good health of your baby. About 400 to 800 microgram of folic acid for the first three months is necessary.
  • If there are any of the medical issues like asthma, diabetes, high blood pressure, and more which can give future complications then you should try to control it with a good prenatal nursing care plan with the help of your doctor.
  • Before you are trying to get pregnant make sure to confirm with your doctor if there is any vaccination which is to be taken for the safety of the baby.
  • As soon as you get to know about your pregnancy it is needed that you stop drinking alcohol and avoid nicotine which could be very bad for the health of the baby.

You should always keep yourself updated with the nursing diagnosis for antenatal mother and have a healthy pregnancy. As there are many health problems which a mother can potentially transfer to her baby and out of such problems one is an infection. Infection is usually transmitted to the fetus through the placenta.


The antenatal nursing care plan for the infections includes the identification of the prenatal infection, providing the needed protocol of care with complete information, and helping in the well-being of the client/fetal.


The infection should be identified and treated at the right time so that there is no risk to your unborn child.

The nursing plan for antenatal mother helps her in getting various benefits during pregnancy such as:


  • Reduce constipation, bloating, backache, and swelling
  • Help you in sleeping better
  • Promote muscle tone, endurance, and strength
  • Prevent you from gaining excess weight.
  • Makes your mood refreshing and energetic.

The pregnant women should exercise for 30 minutes the most in a day. The antenatal nursing care plan begins with walking for a beginner. This gives minimal effect on your joints. The other options include swimming, cycling, or low-impact aerobics. See that you warm up and have a good exercise plan with you and remember not to overheat and keep yourself hydrated by drinking fluids. Regular exercises are beneficial and it is sometimes included in the antenatal nursing care for the woman who has no health issues.


As important it is to exercise at the same time it is important to see that there are no signs of any problem. You should stop exercising and consult a doctor if:


  • Dizziness
  • Vaginal bleeding
  • Chest pain
  • Calf pain or swelling
  • Muscle weakness affecting balance
  • Uneven or rapid heartbeats
  • Chest pain
  • The uterine contraction that even continues after taking rest

Our care24 center is one of the most recommended and helpful in giving prenatal nursing care due to the best doctors and nurses to serve you. we help you at each stage of your pregnancy for the good health of your baby and see that all the tests and diagnosis are on time to avoid any form of complications.


Our nursing care plan for antenatal mother is effective and always give positive results to our patients. For us, the health of you and your baby are the most important thing and we take no risk with it. The prenatal care at our center has helped many women in having a safe and sound pregnancy and delivering a healthy child.

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