Foot Care At Home

Our professional caregivers are well trained in providing a complete range of elderly care services.


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Foot Care At Home

Our professional caregivers are well trained in providing a complete range of elderly care services.


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Elderly foot care treatment at home

Foot Care


Care of feet is usually taken when there occur some problems with them. However, the complex structure that keeps us standing right to deserve good attention. It is the feet that keep us upright taking up the full body weight.  


Moreover, if you are a diabetic then you are most likely to opt for a  nursing care plan for the diabetic foot as a result of the problems which come along with diabetes. Diabetes can cause nerve damage, reduces blood flow to the feet and puts you at higher risk for blisters and infections. With diabetes, small foot problems can turn into serious complications. Therefore, it is important to take good foot care for a diabetic patient’s healthy feet

There are factors such as exposure to cold temperature, prolonged sitting for a long time or smoking which reduces blood flow to the feet. Due to wear and tear injuries, poor circulation or improper nails can cause many foot problems.

The exposure to the dark, damp, warm environment can cause athlete’s foot- fungal and bacterial condition. Due to these infections, it can cause redness, blisters or itching. If not treated immediately then it can become chronic. So, to prevent your feet from damage make sure to keep them clean and dry. For any fungal infection, you can treat it with a fungicidal powder.


Make sure to choose a good shoe for your feet. Many times due to the friction and pressure of bony areas against shoes result in corn and calluses. You can also check with a podiatrist to get good fitting shoes. Skin growths warts occur due to viruses and can spread if left untreated. Get professional care to remove the wart by surgical treatment.


Following physical exercises such as stretching, walking and gentle massage promote blood circulation and ensure healthy feet. Moreover, wearing comfy fitting shoes can also prevent foot ailments.


Poor fitting shoes can develop Bunions that deforms or weaken the foot. The swelling on the feet can be treated with wearing proper shoes that may provide relief. The protective pads can protect the painful area. Also, it can be treated by applying drugs or sometimes with surgery.

Preventing foot complications & Taking care of your feet


If you often suffer from foot problems, make sure to get a complete nursing care plan for diabetic foot every year by consulting a specialist healthcare provider.

Always remove your socks and shoes while you wait for your physical examination.

For any cut or break on the skin of foot or an ingrown nail, get foot treatment at home. Tell them about all the changes (colour, shape) which are affecting the health of your foot.

To treat corn or callus, you can always consult your health care provider to trim it or remove it safely.

Diabetics are more prone to foot problems so make sure to get a specialist to provide proper foot care for the diabetic patient

There are various tips which can help to ensure healthy and happy feet:

Take care of your diabetes:
Make sure to keep your blood glucose level in check. High blood sugar level can cause nerve damage and so it is important to control blood sugar level. It reduces the nerve damage and hence your feet get healthier.

Check Your Feet for Cracks, Cuts and Sores:
High blood sugar causes nerve damage which makes it hard to feel the cracks on feet. Due to poor circulation in the feet, cuts or blisters can become infected and will not heal. Make sure you check your feet for cut, wounds etc using a mirror.

Be Active: Work out and plan your physical activity every day.  

Keep your feet clean:
Regular cleaning of feet is important for maintaining good hygiene. Also, make sure to dry them to avoid any infections.

Keep feet skin soft and smooth: Apply skin lotion over the tops and bottoms of your feet to keep them moisturized.

Cover Your Feet with Socks or Comfortable Footwear: Wear shoes having more depth and covered at top and bottom. Similarly, choose socks that are padded and made from cotton or other material that controls moisture.

Good blood circulation important for your feet: Try to wiggle the toes and move ankles up and down for some time every day. Don’t cross your legs for a long time as it will affect the blood circulation of feet.

Foot care is often overlooked by many people unless they find any pain or discomfort in their foot/feet. For your care and convenience, we offer foot treatment at home without any hassles. Our doctors and nurses are well-experienced in foot care nursing procedures providing prompt and quality medical services for your foot at your home. So, if you need foot treatment at home you can give us a call. Our nurse/doctor would visit at a particular time and day at your home as per your convenience.

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