Living with Cancer

Did you Know?

  • Breast cancer is the most common cancer affecting women in India.
  • In India, Women suffering from Breast cancer form 25% of the total population of women affected by Cancer .
  • The average age for breast cancer in India is about 10 years lower than that in the Western countries.
  • Cancers like Breast Cancer, Oral Cancer and Cervical Cancer can be cured if detected early and the person undergoes proper treatment.
  • The major cause of Lung cancer and Oral Cancer is smoking and tobacco chewing. These can be prevented if tobacco intake is reduced.

Cancer is caused due to abnormal multiplication of cells in certain parts of body. The normal cells, due to some reasons become abnormal and grow in uncontrollable fashion.

Growth of tumors is usually associated with the development of cancer. But not all tumors are cancerous. The malignant tumors are harmful and have a high probability of spreading to many parts of the body. While, benign tumors grow slowly, these are less dangerous.

In India, Majority of women have a high probability to suffer from breast cancer and cervical cancer, while in males the risk and observed cases of Prostate cancer and Oral cancer are more. Lung cancer is also observed due to high frequency of smoking. Oral cancer because of tobacco chewing.

The battle for life against cancer is demanding, but can be fought and conquered.

Accept the fact that you have been diagnosed with a life threatening disease. Although the realization is heavy and the pain tumultuous, the early you accept, the easier it becomes to take the further steps. Staying in denial of Cancer will not help you. But accepting and moving on will.

Once you accept that you have Cancer. The next step is to work on being positive. Having a positive attitude will help you sail through the journey. Try keeping everything around you normal. Do not take any sympathy from people. Stay strong from within and in front of others. It will be difficult, but fake it till you make it.

Chemotherapy is demanding – both physically and mentally. You need to make sure that you eat proper diet, take medicines on time and sleep properly. Everytime you go in for your chemotherapy session you have to be mentally prepared. Always talk to your doctor and understand wherever you have anxiety.

Lastly, never hesitate in asking support from your family. They understand you, they love you. The fact that you have been diagnosed with Cancer, concerns them too. You are not alone in this fight. The more you talk about it and be open, the more you will find the courage to fight Cancer head-on.

Remember – You are larger than life!

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