Lifestyle ways to Stay healthy and Stress Free

Never drink your Morning tea empty stomach

Morning Tea

We have a habit of starting our day with morning tea which contains milk! Now tea brewed with milk when consumed empty stomach can result in acidity and uneasiness. You should have your tea with breakfast or buiscuits or some light snacks to maintain alkaline nature of your stomach.

Always eat your food on time

Food on Time

Many times it happens that due to excess work, outdoor meetings or just out of ignorance you avoid meals. While it may seem trivial, but ensuring you have your meals on time throughout the day, even if it means having just one chapati or half a sandwich – it solves major problems of headache, acidity, digestion problems and uneasiness. Your food is your fuel to keep you going. Nurture a healthy eating habit.


Sleep for at least seven hours a day

Sleep Is Essential

Adequate amount of sleep is essential for a healthy life. Between all the hustles, timelines, goals and ambitions, sleep is the only thing that is compromised. But the fact that a sound sleep can increase your productivity 10 folds is often neglected. Rather than compromising sleep, aim for a sound sleep, you will be able to accomplish much more in life and much more effectively.

Regular Exercise

Exercising is my medicine. Stick to this mantra and you will flourish. Regular exercise has immense benefits in your life. It increases longevity and stamina, helps uplift your mood and also keeps you vibrant. Experiment with different types of exercises like yoga, aerobics, jogging, running, pilates and more to keep your momentum going.

Participate in a group activity once a month

Group Activity

With todays hectic lifestyle, group activities and meeting people has taken a backseat. With all the office time, meetings, deadlines and targets catching up, a person usually stays aloof. It is very important to take time out and join a group of your liking – be it a poetry club, yoga class, a sports group or college unions – make it your priority to spend time with numerous people which fills you with immense energy and ideas.


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