PCOS Symptoms and Causes

PCOS Symptoms

  • Symptoms of PCOs include irregular menstrual cycle
  • Hormonal imbalance in women – female sexual hormones are secreted in lesser quantity and male sexual hormones levels like androgen is high.
  • Hirsutism – growth of excess facial hair, hair on breasts, stomach or fingers.
  • Change in the appearance of a woman – patches of dark skin in arms, thighs, breasts and excess flabs of skin near the neck or armpits. 
  • Weight gain and thinning of hair are also characteristic symptoms of PCOS.


PCOS Causes

While there is no particular cause identified for PCOS. Women usually develop PCOS at the start of their menstrual cycle, when the cysts begin to develop on the ovaries. High levels of androgen, a male sexual hormone also produced in females, cause difficulty in ovaries to release the eggs. Hence the menstrual cycle becomes irregular. All the hormones in the body are inter-related. Unusual quantity of one leads to imbalance in the quantity of the other. Women with PCOS also have high levels of Insulin, which in turn leads to Androgen level being high. The excess androgen leads to weight gain, growth of excessive hair and difficulty in ovulation.

It is observed that if your mother or sister suffers from PCOS, you are likely to suffer from PCOS.

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