Lifestyle ways to Stay healthy and Stress Free – II

Honey Lemon Water

Honey sweetened lukewarm lemon water is a good way to start your day with. When you have lukewarm lemon water just after you have woken up, it cleanses your stomach, food pipe and rejuvenates your metabolic system. Honey and lemon make your skin glow and also aid in weight loss.

Keep a gap of minimum 4 hours between dinner and sleep

Sleep Tips

Sleeping just after eating the dinner is a bad practice. One or twice is okay, but keeping a minimal gap between eating and sleeping can prove harmful in the long run. It is the cause of weight gain, unbalanced metabolism and erratic digestive system. Eat at least three hours before you sleep, four hours would be an ideal time gap. When you maintain a four hour gap between your dinner and sleep, your digestive system stays on track, you enjoy a sound sleep and its a secret to avoid weight gain.


Family Time

The best stress buster is spending quality time with your family. Sharing your experiences, work life activities, new developments in your life and future aspirations and plans – Mom, dad and siblings understand them all. They know you since childhood – they know your dreams, motivations, aspirations and the tiny thoughts behind them. Take time out from your busy schedule and ensure to spend at least 4-5 hours twice a week with your family and close friends – which fills you up with immense energy and happiness. This is the best and easiest Stress Management Activity that you can think of, but often remains neglected.

Anxieties & Concern

Never keep the things that bother you inside. Stop letting them take away your mental peace. Nothing is as bothersome as not sharing your anxieties and fears. Sharing them help you find ways and ideas to tackle them and deal with your concerns. Have some trusted friends and close family to support you to thick and thin. This is a mutual process.

Unplug from Work

All work and no play makes jack a dull boy! As goes the saying – Too much work takes away the fun from life. Beat the Stress by taking breaks every now and then. Learn to identify when you get worked up, unwind for a while and relax. Plan for vacations, family trips and outings even to nearby places – which help freshen up you mood. Live with the motto – work hard and party harder! Relaxation fills you up with immense energy to get back to work again.

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