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Healthy Food that helps in Stress Management – II

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Oranges are rich in vitamin e which helps to fight cardiovascular diseases, lower the risk of heart strokes, lowers cholesterol and blood pressure. It prevents from ulcer, cancer and build a good immune system. Hence, helps in reviling stress.



Salmon fish is the most nutritious fish. It is an excellent source of protein. It is good for brain, joints, and heart. It is rich in vitamin and mineral which prevents cancer, fight asthma, diabetes and reduces depression.



Broccoli contains power antioxidants which helps in regulating blood pressure and increase eye health. It also helps in fighting birth defects. It decreases blood sugar level and helps to relax muscles which in turn reviles stress.


Yoghurt is a nutritious food, full of proteins and helps to keep skin clean and smooth. It boost immunity system and helps in reducing inflammation.


Oats are naturally produced frugal foods which are high in soluble fiber and have higher protein content than any other grain which helps in weight loss. It has more anti oxidants than broccoli which helps in lowering the blood pressure and they are good for skin. The best breakfast to eat for a healthy skin and body.

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