Coping With Hair Loss During Chemotherapy

The first step towards dealing with the hair loss during chemotherapy is acceptance. It’s not very simple. Many people find it hard to cope with the loss of appearance and seek professional help. Hair loss can also cause emotional issues such as lack of self-confidence and will power. However, keep paddling on and find ways to be able to come to terms with this harsh reality. The sooner, the better! Loved ones often act as a support system here. Take back some control and see how you can make peace with this temporary condition.

Next, find ways to restore your natural charisma through alternative means. Either embrace the short-haired look or you can also opt for wigs/hairdos. Innovative and easy hairstyles can stop further hair loss and still help you maintain a decent look. A little more focus on other aspects of your health, not just your physical health appearance but also your emotional health, will help you gain confidence. Your personality, self-confidence and the ability to fight cancer is far more appealing to a general audience and more often than not to you.

There are treatments such as scalp hypothermia and drugs such as Minox available in the market, that claim to prevent hair loss after such sessions. However, nothing’s proven to be effective yet. Therefore, proceed with caution and make sure that you consult your oncologist first.
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You may also connect with a support group to be able to talk about your feelings and seek help in dealing with the situation. Here, you can find valuable insights into what has worked best for others. More importantly, be patient, most people report hair growth after few weeks of completing their chemo treatment. This is something to take heart from and to look forward to.

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