Diabetes Relief: 4 Healthy Ways To Beat The Sugar Craving.

Diabetes Relief – Unlike what you may believe, if you are a diabetic, you do not have to stop eating everything that is sweet. Of course you have to stay off different forms of sugar, and most things will be off your food plate.

However, you can still try out some natural ways to beat that sugar craving, without creating any risk to your health condition.

1. Distract Yourself And Get Busy

  • The first thing to do the moment you have a sweet craving is to get up and get active.
  • Often, being lazy, depressed or sleepy can make you crave for a sweet. Instead, get up, take a relaxing bath with citrus or other rejuvenating scents, or head out for a run.

2. Drink Water

  • Sometimes, your body mistakes your thirst pang as a sweet pang.
  • Before you start your meal, have a glass of water. Have another glass once you finish eating. Instead of going for a dessert, try having a fresh fruit juice without any added sugar.

3. Keep The Portions Small

  • It is not possible to completely give up everything sweet for life, especially if you love sweets. Remember that you can go for some cheat days, but in moderation and by being smart.
  • Go for smaller portions, preferably just 1 or 2 bite sized, and chew on your food very very slowly. When you keep chewing for long, you’ll feel that you are having a lot, and that can help curb your sweet tooth.

4. Have Foods With Natural Sugars

  • Always go for foods that contain natural sugars, instead of going for something that has added sugar in it.
  • For instance, you can add raisins and berries to your bowl of plain yogurt to turn it sweet. You can also blend fruits and add them in the freezer, and suck on them as lollies. You can also use a frozen banana and yogurt to blend and make a naturally sweet smoothie.

Being a diabetic does not mean that you have to give up all things sweet. It does mean that you have to be a little smarter and take good care of your health. Diabetes Relief Speak to your doctor and understand what special precautions you should take.

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