10 Reasons to Choose Home Healthcare


We all know how difficult it is even to get to sleep in a new bed. A new place is another story altogether. The truth is, the body can relax best in a familiar environment. And when it’s relaxed, it is more responsive to care and heals more rapidly than otherwise. At home, the patient is at ease and in the presence of loved ones and familiar faces. The body is thus already in a state to receive healing.

Patients are free to carry out their daily activities while receiving home care, health restrictions being the only constraint. This keeps the individual mentally engaged and also provides a feeling of normalcy. When routine is disrupted due to health, healing can be a prolonged process as the patient may feel crippled or idle and this may have an effect on their state of mind. Home care allows for the individual to carry out regular activities, light hobbies or even entertain themselves with music or television, thus keeping the mind fit and off the sickness.

We all know how immunities can take a toll when we fall sick and it is at this time that the body is prone to catching infections present in the environment. The environment in a nursing home or a hospital is at a higher chance of carrying such infections as opposed to that at home. Home care is thus safer in this aspect and most reputed home health care providers train the care givers to maintain personal as well as patient hygiene, they also undergo medical check-ups themselves before providing care to the individual in need of it.

Before home care is initiated for an individual, the care giver is presented with the individual’s current situation in detail and is made to understand the individual’s medical history, allergies, preferred and prescribed diet, likes, dislikes and so on. Thus, the individual’s needs are completely taken care of in a way that is best suited for her or him.

Having a caregiver by your side can be a relief not just from the medical perspective. A caregiver also often takes on the role of a companion, consequently providing the warmth that comes with bonding with another individual. It’s important to remember that the caregiver is going to spend a significant part of your day with you and bearing this in mind, one must also not be hasty in deciding on a caregiver. The patient’s comfort must be taken into account. If, for any reason or non-reason, the patient is not comfortable with the caregiver, it is highly recommended that an alternative is provided. When comfort levels of both the patient and caregiver are taken care of, there is ease and warmth in the interactions between the two.

With home healthcare providers now incorporating newer technologies, family members can relax, assured that their loved one is safe at all times. There are apps that can be used to supervise and keep track of whether a particular medicine is administered, meals provided or treatment given. Family members can always know how their loved ones are doing no matter how far away, and this provides great relief to them.

Infant care is also a part of home healthcare and new mothers, who are already stressed find it difficult to take care of their baby, given the present day increase in nuclear families, maternity leaves that don’t last more than three months sometimes and many such reasons. Home healthcare is God-send for these new mothers who benefit greatly from the assistance they get and this just results in happy mothers and happier, healthier babies!

Rehab or palliative care no longer needs to be an emotionally difficult affair as individuals can recover at home post-surgery or receive long term / permanent care while living with their families. Formerly, sending a patient to a rehabilitation facility or nursing home meant separation of the family. This is no longer true or necessary. Families can together live the mundane joys such as that of dining together every day and thus feel whole.

Heavy expenses are incurred in hospitals, on administering medicine and nursing an individual in general, which are greatly reduced while getting nursed at home. Staying at home also helps you heavily cut down on accommodation costs of a hospital, nursing home or an assisted living facility.

Home does not know visiting hours. Relatives, friends, colleagues, neighbours, everyone can thus drop in and provide company, at a time when you would like them to. There no one else to dictate this for you and that can be freeing. The patient can also enjoy a regular social life and thus feel relaxed and happy.

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