4 Physiotherapy Myths Busted: Here is What You Need To Know


But before you try your first session, make sure you know these facts about physiotherapy.

1. You Have To See Your Doctor First Before A Physiotherapist

Fact : Not Always

If you are suffering from a complicated health issue, which also involves pain, you may have to first see a doctor before visiting a physiotherapist. However, if you are only experiencing pain, such as in the lower back, shoulders, elbows, knees or any other joint area, you can directly visit a physiotherapist.

2. Your Physiotherapist Will Do It All

Fact : You Have To Do As Much Work As Your Therapist

If you feel your therapist will do everything and you can just do a little bit and get better, you are absolutely wrong. Unless you are planning to put in as much and more effort as your therapist, the session will not work for you. Your therapist will tell you and guide you on what to do, but it is you who will have to work on it.

3. You Don’t Have To Do It At Home

Fact: You Should Practice At Home

You will only have so much time with your physiotherapist at the clinic, so it is important that you also follow the instructions and practice the exercises at home. For the initial few days, you may be in discomfort and not be able to do it at home. However, once you are past the initial pain and discomfort, start exercising at home too. Make sure you learn the right moves and discuss with your therapist.

4. Visit A Physiotherapist Only If You Feel Pain

Fact: Physiotherapy Can Help In Non-Pain Situations Too

You don’t have to be in pain in order to visit a physiotherapist. There are various other areas where your therapist can help you as well. For instance, if you are at risk of injury, or are prone to falling down often, your physiotherapist can help you stay prepared. You can visit a therapist before you start a new session at the gym, if you are planning to prepare for a marathon, if you feel it difficult to move up and down the stairs, and so on.

There are many myths that you may have heard about physiotherapy, and meeting a professional will help you take the best decision. Make an appointment with our physiotherapist to book a session and understand everything you want to know.

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