Can Too Much Exercise Be Bad For Your Health

If you are a self-confessed exercise junkie who believes doing it more will make you fitter and healthier, take a break and check out what we found.

1. Weaken Your Immune System

When you go overboard with your exercise, especially if you are into heavy duty exercising, it can have a very negative impact on your immune system. As a result, you will be more prone to fall sick and have more health related issues as well as infections.

2. Depression

With too much exercise, your body finds it hard to balance out its emotions and as a result, you can often feel irritable or suffer severe mood swings. When you exercise too much, a situation that is often also known as as exercise addiction, it can play with your mental state in a negative way.

3. Sleep Disorder

The more you exercise the more your body finds lesser time to cool down and relax, as there is a huge surge of adrenaline. As a result, you may often find it difficult to fall asleep, or stay asleep, and even if you manage to sleep, the quality of sleep may not be good. When your body does not get enough sleep, or good sleep, it can lead to various health issues that can affect your physical as well as mental well-being.

4. Hurting The Joints And Ligaments

Over-exercising can put additional strain on your joints and ligaments. When that happens, your bones and tendons will also run the risk of becoming weak, and as a result, be more prone to injury.

5. Weight Concerns

There are two things that could go wrong here. You could either start losing a lot of weight due to excessive exercising, which could make you eat more and hence disrupt the balance, or, if you are worried that you are not losing enough, you may end up suffering from eating disorders such as bulimia.

6. Difficulty In Healing

With over-exercising, there is a chance that your muscle fibres may develop very small tears. When this happens, it can have a big impact on your overall healing process, as the tears will slow down any healing that your body needs and as result your injuries will be more pronounced and painful.

7. Interruptions In Menstrual Dates

Women who indulge in too much exercising can often experience a disruption in their regular menstrual routine. The medical term for the condition is amenorrhea, which means your periods are either irregular, or may not happen at all for a few months at a stretch.

8. Loss Of Muscle Mass

It is possible that you exercise more than is required but do not eat as much as you should, or do not get the nutrition that you should get for the amount of exercise you are doing. When that happens, it can make you lose a lot of lean muscle mass.

Exercising on a daily basis is definitely good for your overall health, but it is good to keep a tab on how much you exercise. Speak to a professional to understand your specific needs and limitations and work out accordingly.

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