Effective Care And Physiotherapy For Chikungunya At Home


A viral disease that is spread to humans through infected mosquitoes, chikungunya has no effective care. While its main symptoms are fever, headache, muscle ache and nausea, it also causes mild to severe joint pain that can often interrupt with daily activities.

Chikungunya cases have suddenly been on the rise, and one of the easiest ways to keep the patient comfortable and at ease is to provide care at home. As there is no cure available for the disease yet, a professional caregiver can help with the necessary assistance at home, instead of letting the patient stay in a hospital.

A caregiver can assist in the following ways:

  • Arrange for necessary blood tests at home and help with the sampling and collection
  • Take the required doctor appointment and arrange for visits with the medical team
  • Assist with medication on time
  • Help with physiotherapy and exercise sessions to ease pain

Physiotherapy for Chikungunya

Studies have shown that physiotherapy can effectively help manage the pain and discomfort that affects a patient suffering from chikungunya.

  • The physiotherapist will first assess the overall condition of the patient and understand the levels of pain and discomfort.
  • He or she will also work together with the doctor to understand what treatment method will work best.
  • The most affected joints are those in the fingers, wrists, hands, hip and toes.
  • Some patients may have mild pain while some experience it in severe forms. The physiotherapist will suggest proper exercises and modify them accordingly. The pain can sometimes go away in a few weeks, but may also last a lifetime. Exercising regularly will help modify the pain and prevent it from getting worse.

Your physiotherapist will be able to suggest the right exercises for your joint pain. If you would like to book a caregiver or are looking for a physiotherapist at home, do get in touch with us.

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Please share your details and
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