8 Lifestyle Diseases That Are A Real Threat

While most health issues require urgent medical care, lifestyle diseases can be taken care of through a change in, well, lifestyle. So here are a few lifestyle diseases that you can easily prevent.

obese person

The number one lifestyle disease that affects not just adults but children and teens alike is obesity. Various factors such as unhealthy eating habits, dependency on packaged foods instead of fresh ones, lack of exercise, poor eating habits, drinking, smoking, inadequate or poor quality of sleep and others can all contribute to the same. Even a simple jog for 30 minutes each day can considerably help you fight obesity.


Diabetes is a side effect of obesity, and if you are already on the heavier side, you are also at risk of developing diabetes. According to the International Diabetes Federation, India has the largest number of people, approximately 40.9 million, who suffer from type II diabetes, a type which is not dependent on insulin.

heart disease

Smoking, drinking and lack of good sleep and regular exercise also contribute majorly towards certain heart conditions which can have a negative impact on the walls of the blood vessels as well as on the muscles of the heart. India also has one of the largest numbers of patients who suffer from heart ailments, roughly 50 million in number.

checking blood pressure

Hypertension, or very high levels of blood pressure, is a direct result of various lifestyle issues such as obesity and stress. Also, poor eating habits, such as adding too much salt to your food, can also contribute a lot towards increasing your blood pressure. In some instances, your genetic factors can also have a role to play.


It is a condition that occurs when wall of your arterial blood vessel gets thicker than it should be and hence loses its elasticity. The condition is mostly a result of obesity, high levels of blood pressure and diabetes. It can lead to problems in blood circulation, pain and discomfort in the chest, and, in severe cases, heart attack. In India, the most common age for this condition is between the age range of 36 and 64.

swimmer ear problem

One of the most common things we do without thinking twice is to put on loud music and listen to it through our earphones. Constant exposure to loud music and sounds, whether it is through the earphones or otherwise, can lead to a condition known as swimmer’s ear. It is a condition in which there is irritation, swelling and even infection in the ear canal or the outer part of the ear. Some of the most common symptoms are experiencing a ringing sensation in the ears, or a constant buzzing sound in the ear. If not treated on time, it can also lead to permanent damage to hearing capacity. 

types of cancer

Cancer is another common lifestyle disease that has alarmingly been on the rise in recent times. There are many factors that lead to various types of cancer, some of the most common factors being smoking, exposure to the sun, exposure to chemicals, packaged foods and more. 

chronic pulmonary disease

Caused mainly due to active and passive smoking, this is a common lifestyle disease that affects a large number of adults. While these two are certain causes, they also worsen the condition in someone who is already affected with the same. It is a condition in which the airways are permanently obstructed, leading to severe breathing difficulties.

While there are a host of lifestyle diseases that are on the rise, the good thing is that most of them can be prevented or kept under control. Following a healthy eating habit and keeping exercise a part of your regular lifestyle can surely go a long way in maintaining your overall health.

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