7 Facts About Alzheimer’s You Just Cannot Ignore

If you have an elderly at home and would like to be more aware to provide them with all the necessary care and support, check out these facts about Alzheimer’s that will help you understand the condition better. And yes, it can also help you prevent the same in your future.

7 Alzheimer’s Facts You Should Know About

couple over 85 years

Alzheimer’s is one of the most common reasons of dementia amongst the senior population, at least 1 in 8 people over the age of 65 suffer from the same.

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While there is no clear reason behind this yet, medical records point that a larger number of women suffer from Alzheimer’s as compared to men. Medical professionals feel that it could be because of the fact that women have a higher life expectancy overall than men.

age of 30 years

Scary, but it is a fact that the earliest form of Alzheimer’s can set in as early as the 30s. While this is not very common, and in most cases it starts to show up in the 50s and the 60s, there are few cases in which it is triggered off as early as the 30’s.

often occurs with other diseases

Most patients who are diagnosed with Alzheimer’s often also have some or the other type of cardiovascular disease. In order to understand the exact relation and cause, researchers are trying to find the connection between other diseases and Alzheimer’s, especially in those who are younger than 50.

cholesterol level

Various lifestyle factors are responsible for directly or indirectly leading up to Alzheimer’s, and avoiding the same can help prevent the condition. Factors such as smoking, drinking, high levels of blood sugar or cholesterol, obesity, large waist size and even injury or trauma to the brain can lead to the onset of Alzheimer’s.

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While you can try and control Alzheimer’s by taking care of certain lifestyle and other issues, there are some that you absolutely cannot ignore. For every 5 years that you age, you double the chances of getting afflicted with Alzheimer’s. In some cases, your genetic disposition can also make you more susceptible to Alzheimer’s at a younger age as compared to those who don’t have that genetic build.

no cure yet available

Till date, the medical fraternity does not have a cure for Alzheimer’s and the only way to try and make sure you do not have it is to prevent the triggers. Toning down the various factors that could contribute to Alzheimer’s is the best treatment option that is available for now.

As there is no cure yet, the best way to keep Alzheimer’s at bay is to try and prevent it as much as possible.

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