5 Simple Tips To Avoid Weight Gain While On a Vacation

When you are packing your baggage remember to also put in healthy snacks which you can count on when your extremely hungry and there’s still time for the meal. These snacks are also a savior when you are out doors and have got no eateries or restaurants close by or the food is not right. Dried fruits and nuts, energy bars or granola bars, popcorn, roasted peanuts, roasted chickpeas, fruits (if consumed immediately or pick locally available ones before travel).

Vacation time is not just about eating good food and lazing about. Utilize the scenic beauty to go for a walk or jog early in the morning, plan a trek up the mountain that’s close to the place you stay or walk/ cycle to the place you are going for a sightseeing spree instead of going by the car/ bus.

Indulge in Moderation

This is the time when we want to indulge in desserts, sweets, alcohol and all the unhealthy stuff just because we want to enjoy. But the key to indulge is moderation. Eat the treats you like and consume alcohol but in moderation as you also want to control the calories you are consuming.

Chose a partner and share the dessert with him/her. Incase if you want to have the whole serving of dessert try and eat less of carbohydrates at the meal so that you do not go overboard with the calories.

Start with the salad and then go over to the main course. By doing this you would reduce your appetite for the rest of the meal. But beware of the topping and sauces added to the salads. Be sure of what you are ordering.

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