4 Most Common Sport’s Injuries: How to Avoid Them

While there are various types of injuries that one can sustain through sports, here’s a look at some of the most common ones, and how you can avoid them.


Almost anyone who has ever really taken part in a sport activity has encountered some or the other sprain. It is definitely one of the most common types of sports injuries and can happen in almost all sports. When your ligament gets torn or is excessively stretched, you suffer a sprain. It can either be a mild one, or a severe one where your ligament actually tears off. The most common areas where you can get a sprain are the knees, ankles and wrists.

Preventive Tips:  Make sure you do proper stretching exercises before the sport, so that it helps your body to get conditioned and reduces your chances of a sprain.

knee injury

A knee injury is another very common sports injury that is almost as common as a sprain. The injury could be mild or severe, depending on the person as well as the sport played. In case of mild knee injuries, some of the most common ones are runner’s knee (where there is tenderness, discomfort or pain on the knee cap) and tendonitis (when the tendons suffer from inflammation). The severe knee injuries are ones where there is considerable damage to the ligaments or the cartilage.

Preventive Tips: Make sure your shoes are the right fit and if you are lifting weights, that you do it the right way. Keep your weight in check and always maintain the right posture, especially while training.


A dislocation happens when a bone gets pushed out of the joint and loses its alignment. In most cases, it happens when there is some outside force on the bone or joint area, and is very common in contact sports such as martial arts, football and such. Dislocation is a serious injury and requires urgent medical attention. Sometimes, it is possible that the bone gets back in place without any real help, but often, if the tissues in the surrounding area are damaged, it may need advanced treatment.

Preventive Tips: Try to avoid falls as much as possible and wear all protective gear the right way. If you are on any medication, avoid playing, as it could make you dizzy and less alert.


Similar to a dislocation, a fracture happens when a bone is broken. It is also one of the most common forms of sports injuries. Sometimes, if a particular bone has been injured many times in the past, such as in the leg or feet, it can become a soft target for a fracture. While all fractures are treated as an emergency, some also require surgery.

Preventive Tips: Eating right, wearing the right protective gear, doing proper warm up and stretch exercises and maintaining a healthy amount of calcium can help.

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