10 Healthy Eats to Start the Day With

A healthy breakfast should have a good mix of carbs, fibre and proteins. Read on to find out what your options are.

Muesli is easily and readily available in supermarkets. High on fiber and whole grains, it is rich source of anti-oxidants and proteins. A healthy breakfast for those who are looking at losing weight, combine it with milk, nuts, raisins and fresh fruits and you are off to a healthy start.

Eat Muesli for Proteins

With Daliya you are sure to keep hunger at bay for a long time. Daliya or broken wheat is rich in minerals and has high fibre content making it a healthy breakfast option for diabetics who are working on losing weight or controlling their cholesterol levels. Add a little jaggery to sweeten the porridge and top it with fresh fruits or raisins and nuts. Or best, try this.

Eat Daliya for Minerals

A healthy alternative if you get bored with the first two, Oatmeal works the same the way Daliya (or broken wheat does), as it is a wholegrain. Buy steel cut oats instead of the instant variety, which contain added sugar and preservatives. This fibre rich grain can be cooked in many ways and here is one.

This should be your go to option when you think that you really do not have the time to prepare an elaborate breakfast. A bowl of fruits is something that you cannot go wrong with. Combine this with some milk and nuts like almonds and walnuts for a wholesome breakfast.

Include Fresh Fruits in Breakfast

Eggs are a great thing to include in your diet (especially in your breakfast), as they are rich source of protein and Vitamin D. Include at least one egg in your diet, be it in the form of a boiled egg, a half fried egg or an omelette. Also, the classic combo of bread and eggs can never fail, which brings us to our next option.

Include Eggs in diet

If you are looking to fix something in a jiffy, then a multigrain bread sandwich is your best bet. Toast it and combine with tomatoes (rich in anti-oxidants), cucumber and eggs or just smear a dollop of peanut butter on it or come up with an innovative recipe of your own- a sure way of filling your stomach up for long hours.

This tangy flattened rice snack makes for a very filling meal and can be put together in no time. Rich in iron and carbohydrates, take it a notch higher by adding vegetables (potatoes, tomatoes, peas or sprouts) and groundnuts to make it flavorsome and nutritious.

Eat Poha for Iron & Carbohydrates

Idlis are a popular breakfast item in every South Indian household as they are easy to make (steamed) and are healthy. As the batter is a combination of rice and pulses, Idlis are full of vitamins, minerals and carbohydrates. Throw some carrots and peas into the mix to make the idlis more filling. Combine it with another South Indian classic, the vegetable sambar.

The same batter could also be used to make dosas and uttapams (albeit using little oil)

Include Idli in Diet

Chuck the regular South Indian upma for a healthier one by replacing semolina (rava) with broken wheat. Broken wheat as we already know is rich in fibre and good source of minerals. Pack in a punch with vegetables rich in vitamins and minerals.

A Popular comfort food in North India, Moong Dal Khichdi makes for a healthy breakfast as well. Packed with carbohydrates and proteins, this one dish meal is good option for those who are looking at losing weight. Have it with a serving of plain yogurt, which again is a good source of proteins, vitamins and minerals.

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