Save upto 25,000/- on Online Booking

Save upto 25,000/-
on Online Booking

Neeraj Rajpoot

Neeraj Rajpoot

Caregiver | Attendant, Delhi

Total Bookings - 199




Neeraj Rajpoot

21 years • Female


  • 24hr - ₹1400, 12hr - ₹1000
  • Delhi
  • Fully Vaccinated
  • 2 years of experience
  • Joined Since 25-04-2019
  • Non-Veg

Conditions handled by Attendant Neeraj Rajpoot

Top Compliments

she is often coming half n hr late in morning and patient needs her for daily morning schedule at least by 8am. cinveyed the dame to her but she says shared auto availality is an issue and metro is costlier. kindly advise her to be punctual

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