Women’s Health: Must-Have Health And Wellness Apps For Women

On this Women’s Day, here are some must-have apps that you absolutely should try out right now to give your health and wellness that much-needed boost.

6 Must-Have Health And Wellness Apps Every Woman Needs

As the name gives it away, The Pill is an app that will act as your personal pill tracker and reminder. If you regularly forget to take the pill and are always forgetting details about keeping track of your birth control measures, this app is just right for you. The app will set off a reminder each day so that you remember to take the pill. You can also change the settings to set the reminder at the same time each day, depending on your overall schedule. The best part about this app is that it also works in aeroplane mode, so you won’t forget the pill even while traveling!

Whether you have already started reaping the benefits of yoga or are still contemplating, this Women’s Day is the perfect time to start! The Yoga Stretch app will let you customize your own yoga session based on your preference and more, and will also allow you to play your own music as you practice yoga.

Of course we would love to go around with you and help you stay abreast of the many health and wellness updates that are important. The best part is, with the Care24 app, you can now avail a host of services right in the comfort of your home. From getting a doctor on call to hiring a physiotherapist, booking home care services for your pregnancy months and post-delivery dates as well as hiring caregivers to help look after your new born, it’s all there in the app.

This app is specifically created for women and you can use it to work out in the comfort of your home or even in the outdoors. The app will help you burn that excess fat and bulk up the way you want and comes with 130 exercises to take care of your overall body.

No woman can ever swear to remembering the exact dates of her periods each time, and honestly, tackling those feminine issues each month can be quite a pain, literally. The Period Tracker app will not only help you keep an exact track of your monthly period dates, but will also help you keep a note of your symptoms, so that you can discuss the same with your doctor when required.

This is perfect if you are one of those women or moms who is always looking up symptoms? If yes, you should definitely check out the WebMD Symptom Checker app that will let you feed in your symptoms and get an assessment of the potential cause. The app is a great way to keep track of your and your family’s health and will also help you understand when you should get in touch with the doctor as required.

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