What is different between Medical & Non-Medical In-Home Care Services

Medical In-Home Care For Your Loved Ones

Getting yourself or your loved ones the proper care can get a little challenging and confusing at first. Home nurses and other medical home care services play a vital role in any home care plan. 

Home care services develop and manage the best plan to ensure independence, comfort, and happiness for you and your loved ones. It could be non-medical home care services to assist with essential daily activities or only medical home care services provided by a home nurse, or a mix of the two.

It all depends on what kind of care you require from the caregiver or the home nurse.

So let’s take a look at the types of home care available:

Medical In-Home Care

Medical home care is based on nursing care services such as a home nurse, wound care, medication management, injections, pain management, continence management, catheter management, and more. Nowadays, getting complete medical care is possible in your own home. Your home care team can work closely with your physician, surgeon or specialist, and any health professional you need to ensure your home care plan comprises all factors of required medical care. Remember, your home nurse would most likely be a registered nurse with years of knowledge and experience in hospitals and medical settings. Hence, a home nurse becomes an excellent option for you or your loved ones recovering from an illness or surgery at home. Also, medical home care or appointing a home nurse is quite easy on the pocket than hospital and nursing home care. 

Non-Medical In-Home Care

Non-medical care is the service you need to assist you in moving through your day safely and comfortably, in short, managing your daily activities. These home care services are unlimited. Home care companies provide you with whatever it takes to secure your freedom, convenience, and happiness. Following are some of the non-medical home care services :

Housekeeping when you’re focused on recovery or health, housekeeping is a task that becomes challenging. But if you have a caregiver who can do a quick tidy-up in the kitchen each morning or dust those hard to get places can be helpful. Light upkeeping of the house is what a caregiver will help you with while managing your health.

Meal prep – Meal preparing is another task that a caregiver can assist with. Nutritious meals day in and day out are another daily chores that can be neglected when mobility or health is compromised. A healthy diet has a crucial role in our long-term health and recovery, and a non-medical home care plan helps you with it – helping you or loved ones with Meal preparation. They make sure your diet is well-balanced. 

Help with Showering if you or your loved ones are at risk of falling due to a lack of mobility or balance, it is crucial to have a caregiver to help you shower and dress. While this may seem like a dependency, know that a fall in the shower will probably set back your independence in a more significant way.

Mobility & Transportation   Mobility in some cases can be difficult. To get from one point to another – whether that’s visiting grocery shops, hairstylists, doctor’s clinics, or socializing with friends and family. It is vital to you or your loved ones’ freedom and capability to remain involved in the community. So if you need help getting around, don’t hesitate to ask about mobility & transportation services as part of your home care plan.

Care24 provides home care services for you. We have helped all the patients recover safely in their homes’ comfort. We have processes that help us find a caregiver or a home nurse who can tend to all your healthcare needs at home. 

Our strict screening of home nurses and caregivers with appropriate background checks helps us bring you the best home care services. Our tech-based approach has made tracking the caregivers and home nurses easier through a user-friendly app that allows our customers to be at peace. Our skilled team makes sure to consider all of your needs and allocate you the best caregiver or home nurse.

Check out the services section to know more about our services at care24– your most trusted home health care provider.

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