Understanding the Natural Birth of a Baby

Child-Birth is an intricate process. Irony is – While the birth of your child is the most beautiful thing in your life, the pain of labor is one of the toughest pain experienced by a woman on this earth. Care24 helps you understand facts about the Natural Birth of a child.

Understanding Natural Birth.

  • Natural birth, commonly known as Normal delivery, is when a woman chooses to give birth to her baby naturally without any surgical operation.
  • As the gestation period nears completion, the expecting mother has to prepare herself, emotionally and mentally, to deliver the baby when her water breaks and labor pains commence.


Natural Child Birth

  • There are many techniques for delivering the baby – Gynecologist attended hospital birth, Midwife attended home birth, Water Birth and Caesarean Section.
  • Now-a-days there is a trend in opting for Caesarean sections for childbirth.
  • The reasons can be many. In some cases, due to high risk pregnancies C-section is recommended. But sometimes women also opt for C-section to avoid the pain of labor.
  • It is completely an individual’s choice as led by the consulting gynecologist.

Benefits of Natural Birth of a Child

Mother & Baby Touch Care


  • Natural birth has numerous positive psychological impacts. The skin-to-skin contact of the mother and the baby, right after the natural birth is good for both the mother and the baby.
  • Researches have shown that the skin-to-skin contact between mother and the baby strengthens their bond, reduces the crying tendencies of the baby and help mothers in successful breastfeeding.
  • It is an unparallelled experience for a woman to give birth to her baby, whom she has borne for nine months, naturally.

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