, Tips for a Safe Summer!, Care24

Tips for a Safe Summer!

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Let your summers be picturesque! Where your kids enjoy vacations, you plan numerous trips and you have loads of friends and extended family visiting!

Just take care of the following and you are good to go!

Do Not Step Out Into the Sun Directly

, Tips for a Safe Summer!, Care24

Cut Down on Your Tea and Coffee Intake

, Tips for a Safe Summer!, Care24

Keep Yourself Hydrated


Do Not Drink Water Immediately After Returning Home

, Tips for a Safe Summer!, Care24

When back at home from outside, do not drink water suddenly, wait for the sweat to dry and then quench your thirst!

Choose a Good Sunscreen

, Tips for a Safe Summer!, Care24

Apply sunscreen to avoid sunburn and rashes on skin. Chose the SPF wisely according to your skin type

Choose Cooler Fruits and Vegetables

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Eat cooler vegetables and fruits like cucumber, Watermelon, Lychee and Pineapple! Eat warmer fruits like Papaya and Mangoes in Moderation.

Wear Loose Fitting Cotton Clothes


Wear cotton clothes rather than synthetic ones to avoid skin problems. Also wear lighter colors, to attract less body heat!

Maintain Hygiene in the Pool


While swimming, ensure the pool is clean. Make sure the chlorinated water of the pool does not enter your mouth

Happy Summer! 

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