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Tips and Tricks to buy Maternity Wear

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Here are some tips that will help you build a trendy collection of maternity clothes without overshooting your budget.

When To Buy Maternity Clothes

The answer to this is – it depends. Every woman’s pregnancy is unique. While some might not gain too much weight even during the second semester, others may show from the third month itself. The thumb rule for investing in maternity wear is when your existing clothes start constricting your growing belly. It is absolutely important to allow your body enough space to breathe and any dress that prevents this, should be done away with.

Tricks To Buy Pregnancy Clothes

Bella Band is definitely among the favorites. This is nothing but a stretchy band that covers the area between your trousers and tee, and allows you to leave your pants unzipped. It’s great for post-partum weeks as well, when your clothes still don’t fit and your maternity wear is too baggy to wear. Elastic waistbands and drawstring bottoms are some other options that will treat your baby bump with care. You could also pair some baggy shirts with a pair of slacks in vibrant shades for that comfortable yet stylish look. Soft knits too make for great maternity wear as they are real soft on the skin.


How To Buy Pregnancy Clothes

Nowadays, maternity wear is quite expensive. So instead of flooding your wardrobe with them, try to buy a few choice pieces of this collection. You could pick up a few chic tops and a couple of pants to begin with. Try to mix and match them with your pre-pregnancy clothes and voila! You now have several options to choose from. Also don’t forget to purchase that one amazing dress that you just know will do wonders for your bump. This is your special journey and it’s absolutely fine to indulge once in a while. You deserve it!

Pregnancy Clothes

It is not necessary to purchase all your maternity wear. Borrowing could be another option. You could always ask your friends, neighbors and family if they would be willing lend you their maternity clothes that haven’t seen the worse of days. Other option could be to scour local thrift stores or look up online for comfortable and pocket-friendly alternatives.

Hope these tips will help you in your search for the prefect collection of maternity clothes.

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