Simple hacks to stay away from weight gain during vacations – Part II

You can get burgers and fries right where you are. Traveling and exploring the food culture of the place can be quite exciting. Eat their local fresh vegetables and indulge in their seasonal fruits

It is perfectly fine to splurge when you are on your vacation. Just combine your high calorie-fried food with fiber rich options like sauteed veggies, one whole fruit, a salad of your choice, a smoothie etc.

Aim to have at least one healthy meal per day that contains whole grains, a rich protein source, healthy fats and is fiber friendly. Try some grilled meat with a fresh salad, an oats granola with vegetable smoothie, Tofu and veggies with rice etc.

Choose between food option carefully. Once in a while, swap those donuts with a fresh bowl of fruits or a handful of nuts. Keep your portion sizes under check and watch your sugar!

Also remember to stay hydrated and be sure to carry a bottle of water where ever you go. Sip on coconut water at the scenic beaches and try the local fruit juices to make sure you hydrate yourself enough when on the move.

It is easy to enjoy your vacation and keep putting on the extra pound at bay by following these simple tips. Happy holidays!

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