Old Age Homes in Mumbai

Old Age Homes

With the breakdown of the classic Indian joint family and change in overall family values, our senior citizens are often left lonely and unattended in the ripe years of their life. With growing financial responsibilities and a fast paced lifestyle, it often becomes difficult to spend enough time with the senior members of the family or be present to cater to emergencies or daily care needs.

Old age homes are ideal places for those who are alone in their senior years, may be depressed and suffering from health concerns, as well as face safety risks as a result of staying alone.

In addition to the traditional old age homes that offer regular rooms and care facilities, along with some social activities, many modern senior homes are coming up that offer a fun and busy choice of life, especially after 60. 

Now, old age homes are not looked upon as places where you leave your senior loved ones and shrug off all responsibilities. Instead of being drab and lonely places, these are now considered a happy and healthy way for post-retirement seniors to interact with similarly aged people, make new friends and live a socially strong, active and healthy life. From settling in your loved one for a few days in the old age home while you may need to travel for work or personal reasons, to settling them in for a longer stay where you visit them regularly, there are many options you can choose from.

Even if your senior loved ones live with you at home, staying alone the entire day or just being with grandchildren can often lead to loneliness and depression, as they may not be able to connect with their own generation. This can lead to other health issues. In such a scenario, an old age home can be a good choice.

Here is a list of some of the top old age homes in Mumbai.
  1. Vatsalya Old Age Home

Address: Shop No.B-61, Opp. Railway Station, Shanti Shopping Center, Mira Road East, Mumbai, Maharashtra 401107

Phone: 77383 25277

Website: www.vatsalyaoldagehome.org

Facilities: The home caters to 20 citizens at a time. Has additional facilities such as a prayer hall, library, recreational facilities, and even provides for a regular medical check-up.

  1. SIES Old Age Home

Address: Sri Chandrasekarendra Saraswati Vidyapuram, Nerul, Navi Mumbai, Maharashtra 400706.

Facilities: Aims at promoting independence and improving dignity. Provides emotional and spiritual support along with physical assistance, and has a medical room, library as well as laundry facilities.

  1. Nishkalanka Seva Home

Address: Assagao Pallotine Sisters Institute, Reeswadi, Mohopada Post, Maharashtra 410222

Phone: 99608 21171

Website: http://www.nishkalanka.com/

Provides regular residence to any senior citizen above 60 and within 75 years of age who is of reasonable health. Any senior citizen above the age of 75 and with specific health issues will be cared for as special cases. Residents are provided with 5 meals a day, 3 main course and 2 snacks, with an option in continental, vegetarian and non-vegetarian. Those who suffer from diabetes or blood pressure will be given special dietary care. Birthdays and anniversaries are celebrated, along with regular outdoor games, monthly cultural programs, picnics and so on. The home also has round the clock medical care facilities, with doctor and nurse facilities. In addition, it has a tie-up with Ambani hospital, and doctors from the hospital make a weekly visit to check all residents. The staff also accompanies residents to additional doctor visits if required. Rooms are on twin or four share basis and single rooms may be available in some cases. The home has a canteen, library, TV and recreation room, indoor games, music system in each room, garden and walking area, lift facility, hot water facility and solar lights.

  1. Adharwad Old Age Home

Address: Sardar Gurucharan Singh Kocher Marg, Sector 16, Kopar Khairane, Navi Mumbai, Maharashtra 400709

Phone: 98678 02089

Website: http://www.adharwad.org/

Facilities: Residence for 20 elderly at a time, has round the clock trained staff with medical knowledge. Residents are provided with meals and snacks, which is mainly Maharashtrian, Gujarati, and Jain food. A regular medical check-up is provided for, with special care for those who have any specific health condition. Daily exercises are also part of the routine.

  1. BHN Old Age Home

Address: Bungalow no. 3, King Palace Society, Next to Udipi Shree Palimar Mutt, Behind Bharat Petrol Pump, Opp Tunga Hospital, Mira Bhayender Road, Mira Road (E) Thane; 401107, Maharashtra.

Phone: 9167084443, 9167184445, 9920833386

Website: http://bhnhealthcare.com/Oldage-Home.aspx

Facilities: Stay facilities are available for a night, for a few days, a few weeks, or even months at a stretch. Fully-furnished apartment, phone and cable TV, 3 meals and snacks, weekly housekeeping, laundry, daily assistance and nursing care, regular social events, medical facilities and more.

While it is true that many good old age homes are now coming up in the country, there can be no comparison to getting the best of care and attention in the comfort of your own home, especially when you are looking at care options for your senior loved ones.

  1. Cost effective

    While this may not be your number 1 priority, it is true that getting home care is cost effective as compared to settling your senior family member in an old age home. A home caregiver will provide all services in the comfort of the home, which will cut down the costs related to property, maintenance, multiple staff costs and so on, that are associated with an old age home.

  2. Social interaction within family

    When you hire senior home care, you provide care and assistance to your loved one even while they are in constant touch with their loved ones. Being in your own home along with your loved ones can have a positive influence on overall health, and while your senior member will be in medically and professionally trained hands, he or she will also be surrounded by the love of family members.

  3. Maintain familiar lifestyle

    It is true that an old age home will take good care of your family member, but there is nothing as comforting as being in your own home and maintaining your own lifestyle. For instance, waking up in the same room every day, seeing familiar faces and places around and being able to perform regular activities, but maybe with assistance now, can have a comforting effect on your loved one.

  1. Explain How A Caregiver Can Help

    It is important for your loved one to agree to homecare and be open to receive the care and treatment. Otherwise, it can be tough for the caregiver to provide the best service. Talk to your loved one and tell them how a caregiver will help speed up recovery and take care of basic needs.

  2. Be Patient And Understand Your Family Member’s Concern

    It is natural for your senior loved one to be apprehensive about being looked after by an outsider. Hear them out to understand what the concern or fear is. Explain that you will make sure all the requests and requirements are taken care of and followed accordingly.

  3. Share All Past And Present Medical Health History With The Caregiver

    In order for the caregiver to provide the right care and treatment, share all health related information, from the past as well as present medical files. Update the caregiver about any cases of allergy or wrong treatment or diagnosis that may have happened in the past. If your family member has an issue with something specific, or if you had hired a caregiver in the past but it did not work out, discuss it to help the caregiver provide solutions for the same.

  4. Let The Family Member And Caregiver Spend Some Time Together

    Your senior family member will spend the most time with the caregiver, so make sure they get some time to talk and understand each other. Meeting your family member will give the caregiver a chance to understand their preferences better and will also help the patient get comfortable and open to the idea of hiring a professional caregiver.

At Care24, our experienced and reliable caregivers are trained to make use of technology as well as various healthcare practices. As a result, they can help your senior family member recover faster and more comfortably at home.

The caregiver will help customize a care plan depending on your loved one’s requirement and health. It will help you take care of your own daily routines and responsibilities without worrying about looking after your senior family member or not being able to give them enough time. Also, with the assistance of trusted caregivers, you will be able to ensure that your family members get the respect, care, and attention they deserve, along with meaningful and enjoyable companionship.

You can book an appointment with our trained staff to know more – http://care24.co.in/services/elder-care

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