Nutrition Myths Busted – Part III


This is part of a series of articles where we bust the most common nutrition myths. Check out Part-1 and Part-2

There are lot of common myths floating around out there about what is really healthy and what isn’t. How good the food we eat has been a hotly debated topic for a while and there are lot of misconceptions out there. Let’s clear them all up, right now!

Bigger and brighter the fruit, higher is its nutrient content

When we go to the market, we normally choose the fruit that is bigger and brighter thinking it has more nutrients But chances are that these fruits have been genetically modified or artificially ripened. Many fruits are sprayed with chemicals to prevent them from getting spoilt and to keep them looking fresh. So when you go shopping next time buy fruits that are healthy and fresh and do not have bruises or cuts.

Fruits should be avoided when you have cold and cough

Fruits are rich in vitamins and minerals and help to strengthen the immune system. Some people are sensitive or have allergic reactions to certain fruits and hence such people should avoid those specific fruits. This doesn’t mean everybody should avoid fruits when suffering from cold or cough. Eat fruits when you have cold, cough to improve your immunity and recover faster.

Drinking lemon water aggravates joint pain and corrodes the bones

Lemon contains high amount of Vitamin C and is one of the best antioxidant foods. It also helps to remove the toxins and detoxify the body. Lemon though contains citric acid, when metabolized in the body forms an alkaline residue. Studies show that lemon is effective in dissolving uric acid in the blood. It is helpful in reducing the incidence of gout attacks.

Fruit Juices Are Best For Kids

Tetra pack fruit juices claim 100% fruits and seems to be the best, healthy and convenient way of giving your kids vitamins and minerals, I would say packaged fruit juices should not be consumed as they contain added sugar and preservatives and very less vitamins and minerals and no fiber. If you want to give your kid fruit juice, make it at home including the fiber to it, though a whole fruit is always the best.

Exercise converts Fat into Muscles

Fat and muscles are entirely different type of cells. Exercise along with a proper diet helps to reduce fat and increase muscle mass. No form of exercise can change fats to muscles.

Certain Foods Help to Burn Fat

Foods such as green tea, grapefruit, cinnamon, broccoli and many such foods are said to help burn fat. This could be attributed to their metabolism boosting effect or regulation of glucose metabolism. However, you cannot just depend on these foods for fat/weight loss. You need to follow a regular exercise regime and well-balanced diet that include these foods to see good results.

You should fast periodically to detoxify

Our body has its own detoxification system, liver, spleen and kidneys which is designed to eliminate the toxins from the body. You do not have to go on a fast or liquids for your system to do its job better. Eat a diet that is healthy and well balanced and which has very less of refined, junk or processed foods.

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