It is a type of neurological emergency situation, in which the patient suffers a failure of the neuronal systems that help to take care of arousal and awareness in a person.

Nursing for a patient who is in a state of coma can be quite challenging, especially as the patient is in a constant state of unconsciousness and will not be able to respond to any instructions. However, there are certain types of medical equipment that will make sure that the patient’s vitals are always accurately measured and the patient receives the best care and medical attention, even while recovering at home.

12 Types Of Medical Equipment Used For Coma Patients

At Home

The doctor and the patient’s care team will make a complete assessment of the patient’s overall health and the condition and intensity of the coma. Based on the same, they will recommend the equipment that will be needed at home once the patient is discharged from hospital care and is sent home to recuperate. Here is some equipment that can help to care for a coma patient at home:

In addition to the medical equipment listed above, here is a list of equipment that is specifically designed for those who have to stay on the bed and can be of great help.

  1. Bed Pads And Under Pads: A bed pad or under pad is a type of underlining that you can place under the main mattress on the bed. These are especially helpful to soak up any wetness that can occur as a result of any type of accidental spills or urine leak
  2. Pressure Relief Mattress: A pressure relief air mattress is a type of mattress that is specially designed for patients who are bedridden. It is a very soft mattress and helps to spread the entire body’s weight evenly. It also helps to prevent and ease any bed sores.
  3. IV Stand: This is especially important for those patients who are put on a drip and require constant IV medication. The stand comes with wheels so that you can easily move it next to the patient’s bed.
  4. Adult Diapers: These come in various forms such as pant form or regular diapers, disposable or cloth ones and with a varying amount of absorbency. It is important to check that the diaper is the right fit as else it could cause leakage and result in diaper rash and sores. You can read all about adult diapers here.

There is a host of equipment available that can help your loved one be comfortable while being in bed, and also make it easier for the caregiver to assist on a daily basis. Find out what will work best for your needs.