Can Social Media Make You Fall Sick? Apparently Yes!

Of course it is important to network and stay in touch with friends, family and colleagues. But when it is at the cost of your health, it is time to take a minute and think when to stop.

4 Ways Social Media Is Affecting Your Health

Here are some of the ways in which social media is negatively impacting your health:

1. Increase In Anxiety


One of the biggest health risks that social media posts today is a rise in anxiety levels. While users are aware that they can easily take a break from it by switching off from their gadgets, most of them are reluctant to do so. Addiction to social media can trigger anxiety and make it worse in those who are already affected by the same. A study was conducted on 298 people to check the effects of social media on anxiety. More than 50 percent said using social media directly changed their behaviour, while the rest said it definitely changed their behaviour in a negative way.

2. Decrease In Self-Worth


Social media has a direct impact on self- worth, especially in teens and young adults. With more emphasis being laid on looking good and doing more fun and social things, life through social media turns into a constant competition about who has a more happening life. As a result, even if you are doing all the right things, you may not feel adequate enough if your friends seem to be having more fun, or are always seen at parties and social events. Also, the number of likes and positive comments one gets on social media can have a direct impact on your sense of self-worth. Another negative impact is the constant desire to look slim and fit in to a certain social image of beauty. As a result, many people end up trying crash diets that are very harmful to overall health.

3. Builds Up To Stress

stress building

Constantly being on various social media sites can make you multi-task, adding up to an already stressful day. When you keep switching between social media sites along with your work and regular routine, your brain has to keep shifting from one space to another. As a result, it faces a lot of pressure and stress and can make it difficult for your brain to process information and enhance productivity. Mood swings and irritability is a common sign of anxiety and stress.

4. Sleep Disorders

sleep disorders

Being addicted to a screen at the end of the day and closer to your bedtime can have an adverse effect on your sleep. In fact, not only does it mean that you end up reducing your sleep time, as you get more engrossed in your virtual life, but even when you do sleep, the quality of the sleep that you get will be poor. As a result, your body will not get the required amount of rest it needs on a daily basis. Over time, lack of proper sleep can lead to a host of other serious health issues.

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