Managing Pain After A Cataract Surgery

Depending on your overall health and condition, you may or may not experience pain after the surgery. However, it is possible to manage the pain effectively by following some basic care tips. Take a look.

4 Ways To Manage Pain After Cataract Surgery

1. Use The Prescribed Eye Drops As Suggested

Your doctor will prescribe a set of eye drops for you before you leave the hospital. Make sure that you understand the instructions of how to administer the drops and when. Whether you will administer the drops yourself or someone else will do it for you, make sure the eye drops are handled only after washing the hands. Do not touch your eyes either with your hand or with the tip of the eye drop bottle. Follow the instructions about how many times to administer the drop.

2. Do Not Touch Your Eye

Once your surgery is done, your doctor will place a protective plastic shield over your eye, or a cloth pad kind of patch. This will help to keep your eye covered and avoid any accidental touching or rubbing that could cause pain. Make sure that you do not touch, rub or press your eyes under any condition.

3. Pain Killers

Instead of using over the counter medication, speak to your doctor about specific pain killers that you can use. While it is also fine to use certain OTCs, such as acetaminophen, you should always check with your doctor to avoid any type of health complications. Your doctor will suggest a particular pain killer after assessing your overall health and checking if you are suffering from any other health condition. Some medicines can have a side effect, such as a scratchy feeling in the eye that is operated, or some pain and in the jaw on the side where you had the operation. In case the pain does not get better, get in touch with your doctor right away.

4. Clean Carefully

Make sure that you keep your eye area clean and do not use any soap to clean the area around it. Ask your doctor about specific cleaning instructions, so that you do not do anything that can cause or aggravate pain. You can use warm water to clean the area, but make sure you do not place your eye or your face under running water, even if it is warm water. If you have to shampoo, lean your head as back as you can and ask someone to help you with applying and cleaning.

When To Get In Touch With Your Doctor

While some pain and discomfort is normal after the cataract surgery, make sure you immediately get in touch with your doctor if:

  • You are not able to see clearly
  • You have tried pain killers and the pain is still not better, or has increased
  • There is redness in the eye
  • You see spots in your vision

Your doctor will be the best person to guide you through your cataract surgery recovery and pain management, so make sure to follow all instructions properly. Also, follow the care tips mentioned above.

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