Learn how to Avoid Birth Defects Among Babies

While genetic abnormalities are out of our control, other causes of birth defects in infants could be prevented, at least to some degree, by adopting a healthier lifestyle. In this article we are going to talk about individual habits if developed could help in avoiding abnormalities among babies.


If you are planning to start a family, a sincere advice would be to get a thorough medical examination to assess your current health status. A would-be mother suffering from thyroid or diabetes needs to get herself treated before planning a pregnancy. If you ignore such ailments, they could have a detrimental impact on the development of the embryo. A healthy mother would give birth to a healthy baby.


Alcohol, street drugs and smoking are considered dangerous for normal adults, imagine their impact on a developing fetus! Alcohol is associated with mental retardation among infants while smoking and soft drugs can cause permanent mental and behavioral damage. Just for short term kicks, don’t make your child suffer for life.



This medication has the potential of preventing birth defects related to spine and brain. In fact, research has revealed that if folic acid is taken in the recommended dose before conception and during pregnancy, 70% of neural tube defects could be prevented. This drug is one stop solution to numerous problems. All you have to do is pop a pill every day.


What a mother eats, the baby eats. So, having a well-balanced meal is vital for the health of both the mother and her growing baby. The mother must make sure that all her regular meals have the right combination of all nutrients required for the development of the embryo. Refrain from eating harmful foods such as aerated drinks, high mercury fish, excess caffeine, etc. Also, following a well-planned out exercise regimen could also do wonders for your and your baby’s health. Remember, it’s just a question of nine months, work hard now and reap the benefits for the rest of your life!


You might think you are healthy and don’t need to consult a doctor. Never do this. Make it a point to get regular check-ups to ensure that health wise you are on the right track. Regular visits can also help in the early detection of complications if any.

If you eat healthily, exercise well, avoid harmful substances, take your prenatal vitamins and follow your doctor’s advice correctly, you can assure a healthy pregnancy.

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