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Involving grandchildren in effective, loving elderly care

Care24 Administrator Elder Care

Here are a few pointers on how involving grandchildren is effective and rewarding emotionally in the care of the elderly in your family. Not just a great way for mental and social engagement, children can help keep an eye out for emergencies too.

The child, depending on the age, can read a wide range from baby books to school books to interesting novels. Reading the book out loud makes it easier and is great for the youth’s language and communication skills. The grandparent can also read books with descriptive stories that create visions in their grandchild’s mind.

Crossword and picture puzzles are available ranging from very simple to a challenging few. Children across ages can participate and these make for an enjoyable challenge for both the generations, effectively bridging the generation gap.

This is the best way to pass time for the grandparent as well as the grandchild since there is so much to discover. The grandparent can introduce their grandchild to old time concerts, not only to listen to fine music, but also to learn and identify the various musical instruments. The grandparent can create a game where the child can win something trifle such as a candy if he/she can successfully name a certain number of musical instruments. Alternatively, they can watch channels such as animal planet, discovery and national geographic to learn about various creatures in the world. This makes for great conversation too later!

Its always fun to browse through old pictures with family members. Find your parent’s old photos and sort them while your grandparent tells you a bit of your parent’s or grandparent’s interesting history. Learn family history and make a family tree for all the people of your family.

Periodic movie times can be scheduled to introduce classic films to the grandchild. The grandparent can educate the grandchild about the different clothing styles, antique car and the various machines that do not exist anymore. The grandchild can also introduce their grandparent to their favorite new movies. So have some popcorn ready for each other for each screening.

These are a must at the start and end of each visit and should be placed at the top in the relationship of grandparents and grandchildren. The child may be a bit hesitant at first, but even a small lift counts as the start of a hug. The hug is a charmed and noteworthy moment for the parent too and something very special for the grandchild to remember their grandparent by.

Travelling together as a family creates a great bond and countless memories. Cruise travel may be perfect even if your grandparent is on the wheelchair or needs a cane to walk. There are various tour operators that offer tours specifically for grandparents and grandchildren. This travel experience will provide quality time for both elder and younger plus the assistance of professional staff.

Live too far from your grandchild? Don’t let the distance get in your way to stay in touch with your grandchild. Learn how to use the Internet specifically email, send pictures and videos and most importantly Skype. Sit with your grandchild and learn it from them. This way you get to spend time while making sure to stay in touch with them when they leave. Finally, email can be the regular line of communication between your family.

In conclusion, for all the grandparents, take a break from all your stress and enlist your grandchildren’s care as a regular part of your life and be ready to witness the joy of their sharing and the betterment of your health.