How To Recover From Back Pain After Delivery

How to Recover from Back Pain After Delivery.

Have you just given birth to your little one? We understand the immense joy that comes when your precious baby comes into your world. But happiness comes along with pain; almost every new mother goes through that is the back pain after the delivery. No matter if it is a cesarean delivery or a normal delivery, you will be most likely to have back pain after delivery.

If you are wondering, why is your back paining? We will help you understand why it happens and how to recover from the post-delivery back pain?

Why do you go through back pain after delivery?

Research says that 50 percent of the women go through back pain after delivery back for a few months after giving birth to the baby. During your pregnancy, the uterus expands and weakens the abdominal muscles by pulling forward your lower spine, putting a strain on the back. But this is not the only reason there are many more like the wrong posture during pregnancy, the release of progesterone and relaxing hormones that loosen the ligaments and joints of the pelvic, for the baby to come out quickly. If you are overweight, it puts more pressure on the back.  You can also experience back pain after c-section delivery. Many women go through back pain after c-section delivery.

Your body goes through a transformation during pregnancy; it can be quite taxing for the body to endure, but it puts much strain on your lower back. But don’t be afraid. You can recover from the post-delivery back pain six months after the normal delivery or cesarean. When your hormones go back to normal, and when your body starts to recover, the back pain after the delivery wears off on its own.

But your back pain after delivery can subside faster, and here’s is how you can do it.

The Walks

Walks are essential after you deliver the baby. It is one of the safest ways to exercise. You can start the walks as soon as you feel you are ready to get back in shape. You can also go for yoga as it can help to strengthen your muscles, so make sure you start any one of these post-delivery.

Keep in mind the Body Weight

Try to maintain a healthy body weight post-delivery. Try to get back in shape after a month after the delivery. A balanced diet is vital while recuperating after pregnancy, and it will help you maintain a normal body weight.

Sleep with a knee pillow.

Sleep with a knee pillow by keep the pillow between the knees and align your hips while you sleep. Sleeping with a knee pillow will provide your back the support that it needs and will help you sleep peacefully without any pain.

Lifting heavy objects.

Avoid lifting heavy objects after delivery as it put pressure on your back and can aggravate the pain.

Proper Shoes.

Avoid wearing heels for the first few months. Wear shoes that are comfortable and support your feet and back.  It will also help with lower back pain after delivery.

Rest is important

Rest is crucial to your body when it’s recovering. Give yourself and your body some time to relax and recuperate as it will heal faster.

Warm Baths are a blessing.

Warm baths are your best friends as it relaxes your strained muscles. Avoid taking cold showers as it will put a strain on your muscles and cause pain.

Deep breathing exercise.

Take a deep breath, tighten your abdominal muscles. Hold this for three counts, and then exhale slowly. Deep breathing would bring a sense of warmth and positivity and would ease the discomfort of your back pain after delivery.

Motherhood is not easy, but don’t let the pain get in the way. Enjoy this blissful experience of being a mother by projecting radiant energy, a positive attitude, and patience. Everything falls in place if you preserve it. If the back pain after delivery continues and is accompanied by fever or if the pain is getting worse every day, you must consult at the doctor about it and start with some physiotherapy if the doctor advises.

It won’t be very easy to look after yourself and your health when you have a little one to take care of, but remember that your health is important too. Do not sacrifice your health because if you are healthy, then you can emphasize on family & baby care. But if you are hurting, then it will make taking care of your baby ten times more difficult. Don’t lose your health amidst family commitments and focus on your health a bit more.

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