How To Avoid Loneliness And Isolation In Old Age

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How To Avoid Loneliness And Isolation In Old Age

As an individual gets older and older, they become less active, alone, and isolated, which can cause mental health instability which is a very severe problem of loneliness in the elderly. This happens because their friends and relatives die. Also, they suffer from hearing problems and other physical issues. These issues make it even challenging to communicate and are often reluctant. They don’t even try to be friends with anyone. The younger generation feels not so connected as they grow old. The former also tends not to be a burden on them.

Let go of these stereotypes is not easy, but we need to find a suitable solution for the same. Some high tech and low tech solutions are trying to solve their issues in a better way.

The issue is especially crucial for two reasons. First, because isolation is a particular problem for seniors living at home—exactly where most insist they want to remain. Seniors also most often think they would not have much time left. Hence they tend to be separated and away from society. Also, there are a lot of different factors that come in the case of senior loneliness.

What are the challenges for them?

Recent studies show that older adults who remain isolated are most likely to die sooner than those who have families and friends. People who are connected with society and have grandchildren around them. They have people to take care of and thus are in the happy envelope. Even after the usual care and people around them, somewhere up to 30% of adults feel they are lonely at some point in time.

And it is filled with essential solutions and relatable insights

College students and friends

According to the Medical Institutions, there should be a connection between the college-going students and the social service volunteers. They meet these old age people and connect with them to help with small chores. This reduces isolation for them. Other initiatives can be visiting nursing homes and community centers, where they can spend time with their friends or make new ones.

We need to make co-operative programs for the nursing homes and community centers where they have transportation available as well. In tier 2 and 3 in India, people stay very far from their main streets or city on the outskirts. Also, religious and faith communities work for the original link frail homebound seniors to their fellow meet-ups. Community meals can be a lifesaver for these old adults who sometimes are immobile or cannot help themselves to cook.

Video chat with your grandchildren

Video calls, chats, emails, and social media helps seniors to communicate with their family and friends. I feel these technologies will be one of the most precious ways in how to avoid loneliness in old age.

Building social networks can be digital or personal is increasingly essential as we age. Video chat is of great importance for people who don’t have families or children. Or whose children/families stay far away or in different cities. Communities play an essential role in our life as we age. We need to be in town that will help us cross the phase of age happily and at ease.

Opting for Caregiving Services

These days one of the best services you can hire for your loved ones is the caregiver services. A caregiver tends all the needs of the elderly and gives them company when they feel lonely. A caregiver will make sure that the elderly take medicines on time. A caregiver will fill the loneliness the elderly feels in your absence.

Caregiving services come in handy when you know you can’t be with your loved ones all the time. So why not hire a service that makes your parents or grandparent feel comfortable and not a burden.

Take a step to make them feel not isolated and lonely; in return, you will have happy faces in the house. So make a space full of love and care for your loved ones.

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