Five Fun Ways to Exercise

What if you could stay fit and also have fun, while at it? Here are five ways to do just that. Read on.

1. Hula Hooping

Hula hooping is a great way to beat stress its fun, relaxing, you can hula hoop to the music you like all the while strengthening your core muscles. Hula hooping has even proven to even battle depression.Also, let’s all admit it’s cool to hula hoop!! Apart from offline workshops, you can subscribe to tons of channels on YouTube that teach you to hula hoop, “hoop smiles” being one of them. Joy Coyne, the man behind the channel, makes hula hoop lessons really interesting to watch, with his fun videos.

Watch this two minute video from “hoopsmiles” and get your first basic lesson covered!

2. Belly Dancing

One more way to strengthen the core muscles while relaxing the mind is to belly dance. Aside from being a fun activity, belly dancing has many health benefits. Women who belly dance are known to experience lesser pain during child birth it is a great pre and postnatal exercise. Belly dancing incidentally also alleviates menstrual cramps, improves digestion and reduces back

pain.Again, belly dancing is has many forms Egyptian, Russian, Arabic and is increasingly getting popular across the world. This too can be self taught online. There are many dance studios that hold belly dance workshops and lessons too. On that note, any form of dance is energizing and helps to lose weight while keeping you fit!

3. Skipping

Jumping the rope is a long forgotten childhood activity that also serves as a great cardio exercise while increasing stamina.Here’s a popular music video featuring ‘skipping’ to get you going:

4. Cycling / Spinning

Yet another fun way of staying fit is to cycle  great for the thigh and calf muscles, apart from being environment friendly. If you cannot find the time to cycle, try to accommodate it into your schedule, by cycling to work, or if that is a long commute, cycling to run small errands around the house.If monsoons are being a hurdle, or if cycling outdoors isn’t a viable option because of traffic and other reasons, studio cycling or spinning is a great alternative.Spin classes are indoor cycling sessions the instructors make sure that different methods are combined to give the whole body a work out and not just the legs. Add to it fast music and many people spinning together, induces energy and team spirit, leaving you feel energetic.

5. Surfing

For those who love being in the water, all kinds of water sports are great for the body surfing being one of them. It involves a lot of paddling which helps in working the upper body. Trying to balance yourself with the waves naturally strengthens your core too. It’s great for the mind and leaves you feeling euphoric when you’re on the waves!here are many places in India offering surfing lessons.

A Rising Tide- The India Surf Story from The Shaka Surf Club on Vimeo.

So, when are you going to start having fun?

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