Essential Bedridden Patient Care Equipment

Equipment for Bedridden patients

Essential Bedridden Patient Care Equipment

A patient is asked to be on bed rest for various reasons. He or she could be recuperating from a surgery or recovering from an illness, it could be due to old age, or it could also be that the patient has lost most of the power to move around independently, and needs to be on the bed. Being bedridden can be difficult for both the patient, as well as for the caregiver and family members. If you have a loved one at home who is confined to the bed, there are various products termed under bedridden patient care equipment that you can use to make their everyday life more comfortable, and also make it easier for the caregiver to assist the patient. These pieces of equipment for bedridden patients allow them to have better comfort which facilitates better recovery.

Whether it is a long term or short term period, here is a list of equipment that is specifically designed for those who have to stay on the bed and can be of great help.


These are some of the first things that you should get when your loved one is confined to the bed. A bed pad or underpad is a type of underlining that you can place under the main mattress on the bed. These are especially helpful to soak up any wetness that can occur as a result of accidental spills, urine leak due to incontinence or water spill during a bath or sponge routine. The bed pads and underpads can be washed in the machine and are easy to dry, and can also be reused for a long period of time.


A bed rope ladder is a type of equipment that is placed on the bed and can help the patient sit up from a lying down position, without too much assistance. The patient can use the different rungs of the ladder to pull himself or herself up to a sitting position.


A pressure relief air mattress is a type of mattress that is specially designed for bedridden patient care equipment. It is a very soft mattress and helps to spread the entire body’s weight evenly. It also helps to prevent and ease any bedsores, making it important for anyone who has to spend a considerable amount of time in bed.


A bedpan is a type of toilet pot for bedridden patients that is used to help the patient pass urine while still being in bed. This type of equipment (also commonly known as bed toilet for elderly) allows easy passage of urine for the patient, as the patient does not have to be taken out of the bed to go to the bathroom. These are easy to use and are discreet too, thus providing comfort and privacy.


These type of beds come under bedridden patient care equipment, are used in hospitals, and can also be used at home. The bed has rails on the sides that can be lowered and put up as required. A pressure relief mattress is specifically designed for such types of beds and comes in three sections that are joined together. It makes it easier to have the foot, middle and head part of the bed to be raised separately, depending on the patient’s need.


You can use this to serve food to the patient on the bed, without the need to move the patient around. It comes with a flat surface that serves as the table and is in part like a trolley with wheels that can be moved around.


This equipment for bedridden patients is especially important for those patients who are put on a drip and require constant IV medication. The stand comes with wheels so that you can easily move it next to the patient’s bed.


These come in various forms such as pant form or regular diapers, disposable or cloth ones and with a varying amount of absorbency. It is important to check that the diaper is the right fit, as else it could cause leakage and result in diaper rash and sores. You can read all about adult diapers here.

It is always good to keep a few rolls of cotton as well as a few packs of wet wipes near a bedridden patient. These can come in handy to take care of accidental spills or bleeding and help clean the patient instantly.


The next equipment for bedridden patients is a bedside commode is a type of toilet that you can move around the bed. Since it does not have the feature of running water, you can keep it anywhere you like to make it easier for the patient to use. The commode looks like a chair that has a toilet seat attached to it. It also comes with a container that is placed under the seat and can be removed after each use for cleaning. Complete hygiene should be maintained in the bedridden patient’s toilet equipment.


Wheelchairs come under equipment for bedridden patients they are available in different types, such as manual and electric. While selecting one for your loved one, make sure to check its weight and the type of seat it has, so that it is easy to move it around from one place to another, and is also comfortable for the patient to use. You can read all about our wheelchair buying guide here.


An oxygen concentrator or oxygen generator is used to supply oxygen to a patient who requires assistance in breathing. Sometimes, a patient may require it if he or she is suffering from a condition that can cause low levels of oxygen in the bloodstream. It comes in two types, one that works on electricity and the other that works with the battery.  You can read all about our oxygen concentrator buying guide here.

It is a type of equipment that is waist high and is used to help the patient walk by holding on to the structure. It is usually made of metal and comes with four sturdy legs that are placed at a wide distance to offer balance and support.

A ventilator is a type of machine that helps the bedridden patients to breathe easily by sending oxygen to the lungs. It comes attached to a tube that can be placed near the nose to assist in breathing and can also come with the option of having a breathing cup that is placed over the nose and mouth. It is a piece of important equipment for bedridden patients as it is medically used.

There is a host of equipment available that can help your loved one be comfortable while being in bed, and also make it easier for the caregiver to assist on a daily basis. Find out what will work best for your needs.

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