Elderly Home Care: Tools And Safety Aids

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There are various reasons that could contribute towards your beloved senior member being prone to a fall. Here are some handy tools and safety aids that can lower the risk.

As the name suggests, a fall mat is a type of mat that will lower the risk of injury in case a person falls down on the floor. You have to place the mat at a spot where you feel the senior member is more prone to fall, such as on the floor at the side of the bed, in front of the washroom, next to a chair or something like that. These mats are cushioned in such a way that even if the person falls, it helps to prevent the amount of hurt incurred and hence makes it less risky

Grab bars are a type of handrails that your elderly family member can use to hold on to and maintain balance, or use the support to push himself or herself up from a sitting to a standing position, or from a lying down to a sitting up position. Some of the best ways where you can install grab bars are next to the bed and next to the toilet seat to help get up, and in the shower area to hold on to while the floor gets slippery.

A shower chair is a type of special customized chair that your senior citizen can use in the bath area to sit down and take a shower. It definitely helps because the elderly member will not have to stand on the slippery floor, which is a potential risk and can increase chances of a fall. Most of these shower chairs can also be customized to also work as a toilet chair seat.

These types of mats are also used on a slippery or wet surface to prevent the risk of a fall. Anti-slip mats are made of a hard type of rubber which provides good grip and stability and reduces the chance of a fall.

A cane or a walker can help your elderly family member stabilize walking and maintain balance, thus reducing the chances of a fall. Most of these canes and walkers come attached with rubber tips at the bottom, or some other form of material that helps in giving a good grip and avoids skidding. Make sure to check the height so that your elderly loved one is comfortable.

A lift sling is a type of sling which you can use to place the person on and then transfer them, for instance from the bed to a chair. This is used in those cases where the elderly person is not able to walk independently, and is a better way of aiding movement.

Various types of slippers, shoes and even socks are available that come with a special skid proof sole and help to prevent the risk of a fall. These generally fit very well and have a low heel which makes it safer for the senior citizens to walk in. However, make sure you buy those that are regular shoes or slippers, instead of the slip-on variety, as they can still cause accidental tripping and falling.

Preventing a fall is easy and can help prevent a lot of serious health concerns in your elderly loved ones.

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