Top 9 Android Games That Even Old People Can Get Addicted To.

Android Games for Seniors

Kids & Elderly Gaming – Android Games for Seniors

The elderly commonly suffer from boredom because of the lack of a real job and lack of time from family members due to the busy schedules of the younger generation living with them. This lack of utilization of mental faculties frequently leads to cognitive and memory decline. Alzheimer’s and senile dementia are common examples of how memory loss can dramatically hamper everyday life for the elderly as well as their immediate family or caregivers.

It might be a good time to introduce the elderly to the boon of technology via mobile phone apps. Initiating our elderly to technology and exposing them to applications such as gaming helps them combat their boredom. Using gaming applications offered by android or iOs will not only help them be busy, but the mental challenges thrown by these games for old people will also make them more alert and aware.

Furthermore, getting in touch with modern-day technology will build their confidence, make them feel with the times and to a certain extent, may help in bridging the generation gap with their own grandchildren. Not to mention gaming is always a fun and relaxing activity that helps counter stress and depression. The colorful characters and engaging gameplay are a fantastic way to weave in a sense of competitiveness that these android games for elderly so amply offer and thereby, stay alert, active and depression-free.

Games For Old People

Apps For Elderly – Games For Old People

Following is a list of games for old people freely available on both Android and Apple phones (IOs):

Sr. NoName of the GameShort description


This is an all-time favorite card game for adults that helps them stay mentally active
2Block Puzzle LegendA brick game match is something similar to Tetris and is quite simple and fun to play
3Blocks BurstBlocks Burst is an excellent stress reliever as you pass your time breaking adjacent blocks
4ScrabbleIf one needs to spend time productively and has a love for words, this game helps build your vocabulary and is quite challenging
5Crossword PuzzleThis is a classic game that helps improve recall, vocabulary
6Sudoku MasterSudoku Master is a number placement game played worldwide and helps keep your math alive
7Unblock MeUnblock me is a simple yet challenging game stimulating the brain to think outside the box
8Bubble PokeThis is a simple game that can be very easy for the elderly; it involves selecting similar colored bubbles to burst them
9Fruit NinjaFruit Ninja is a stress buster where the aim of the game is slicing fruits. It keeps you alert, and aware as you have a gala time-slicing away at the gamut of fruits tossed on the screen

These are just a few of the many games for senior citizens that the elderly can easily learn to play and get hooked onto. It can be used as a great way to keep them busy, mentally active, and in touch with modern-day technology. This will also help in improving their digital skills and help them cope with loneliness and depression that are common outcomes of lack of boredom. Hence, the android Games for seniors & elderly can be great to stay away from feeling alone.