Does Chiropractic Therapy Really Work For Babies Or Is It Just A Fad?

As a parent, you may feel it scary to take your baby to a chiropractic professional, as it involves various massage techniques. However, the medical world feels that it is in fact in your baby’s best interests!

Health Benefits Of Chiropractic Therapy For Babies

chiropractic benefits

Your baby can benefit from chiropractic sessions in case of:

  • Birth related problems or problems arising due to medically induced birth
  • Problems with birth defects
  • Any type of chronic infection in the ear
  • Breathing difficulties, including asthma
  • Severe constipation
  • Problems in latching and breastfeeding
  • Any problems pertaining to immune deficiency issues
  • Life threatening health issues that could risk survival

Chiropractic Therapy For Babies

chiropractic for baby

Your baby’s spinal cord will still be in a developing mode till after your baby turns a year old. Once developed, the spinal cord columns will help your baby’s overall posture and movement, and will also help in balancing, sitting up and walking. It is very important for your baby’s spinal cord column to get aligned properly, as otherwise it could delay your baby reaching various developmental milestones. If the spinal cord column does not get aligned properly, your baby will find it difficult to crawl, sit up and eventually walk.

  • Make sure you get in touch with a registered chiropractic professional who has the license to work with babies and younger kids. Those who work with adults may be good, but may not be equipped to work with babies and young children, so make sure you ask specifically.
  • The chiropractic professional will exert gentle pressure on your baby’s spinal area, but rest assured it will not cause any pain or discomfort.
  • While it is mostly a manual form of treatment, sometimes, the practitioner may need to use some special and specific instruments. These instruments will help the practitioner to put the right amount of pressure on the spinal cord area, just where it is needed. Using the instruments will also enable the practitioner to apply only the amount of pressure that is required, and it will not hurt or discomfort your baby in any way.
  • While practicing the treatment, the professional will not interfere in any way with any medical procedure or treatment that your baby is already undergoing for a specific condition. Also, this form of treatment will not interrupt your baby’s alternative medical treatment, and both can be continued together at the same time.

By trying out chiropractic healing techniques, the practitioner can help to align your baby’s spinal cord the right way, which can actually help your baby get better faster. Make sure you speak to the chiropractic professional first and understand about the procedure in detail. In case you have any doubt, do speak to your baby’s doctor as well.

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