Buying Pre-Owned Medical Equipment: Keep These Things In Mind

With so much at stake, it is only natural that before you make a purchase, you do your research and keep some important things in mind.

1. You’ll Save Money But Will You End Up Paying In Maintenance And Servicing?

When you buy pre-owned medical equipment, it is true that you will end up saving a lot of money and get the equipment at a very nominal price, as compared to what the new one costs. However, do keep in mind that from the time the equipment started to be in use, it also started going through wear and tear, and its depreciation already began. By the time you buy it, it will already have been well-used. It is definitely a good idea to go for a pre-owned equipment to save on the huge cost, but make sure you make a smart purchase, something which is worth the money that you are paying. If the equipment is not in good condition, you may have to spend more in terms of maintenance and servicing fees, which can end up amounting to quite a lot.

2. What Type Of Refurbishment Has Been Done For The Equipment? Is It A Lot?

There are various medical equipment companies that will allow you to choose from a range of refurbishment options depending on the type of pre-owned equipment you are looking to buy. Companies who deal in pre-owned medical equipment will always provide for certified pre-owned equipment only after thoroughly inspecting that the machine is in good condition and can be used well. It will also take into account the various refurbishments done and will give you the option of choosing the amount of refurbishment that the equipment has been through. If there are replacements done for the parts, you should ask for the papers certifying that the parts are original, and also ask for the warranty papers for the same. If you are on a budget, the equipment with the mechanical refurbishment will make more sense economically, than those that are refurbished for a purely cosmetic reason.

3. Does The Equipment Come With Warranty? If Yes, For How Long?

Check with the seller about the warranty and make sure you have the warranty papers. Equipment that has gone through a lot of refurbishment will also have warranty papers especially for the parts that have been replaced, so make sure you check on those. Some refurbishment options come with spare parts that you can use later, in case any changes are required. Check about the warranty papers for any parts that you get additionally.

4. For How Long Will You Be Able To Use The Equipment After Purchase?

No matter what type of equipment you are going for, whether it is top-end quality or the ones that are a little lower in quality, remember that it is still used equipment that has gone through wear and tear. In such a case, it is very important to check the actual quality of the same when you are buying it. Take into account the fact that it has gone through considerable wear and tear and may not have a very long work life left. There are some types of equipment that may require replacements for parts sooner than you may think, but sometimes, replacing these will cost you less as a whole, than going for equipment that is in top shape and costs a lot more.

Pre-owned medical equipment may be used, but when you buy it, it still needs to be in the best of shape in terms of its accuracy and efficiency. Make sure you do your research well, look through a number of vendors and equipment options and take a call only after weighing all the pros and cons.

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