Bridge the Distance: How technology can help monitor the elderly from afar?

1. Be Close

This device helps seniors stay in touch with their caregivers and families located remotely. It consists of a bunch of wireless sensors that are placed in your home that track the daily routine of the elderly. A private and secure web page gives access to this data to the family who provide care 24 by 7. In case of any disruptions, a phone call, email or text message alert is sent to the caregiver. It is easy to set up and there is no need for a second phone connection.

2. Fitbit

This watch-like band is a wearable device that aids the elderly live a healthier and active life. It shows real time activities such as steps taken, distance and stairs climbed. In addition, it displays the activity level, sleep quality and calories burned. Certain expensive versions track weight, BMI and body fat percentage.

3. GrandCare System

This large touch screen device employs an Internet connection and wireless sensors, to send communication to loved ones. The caregivers can view routine activity and customize alerts. They can choose to receive call, email or text message alerts due to medication incompliance, unusual activity or door opens at unusual time. It features entertainment and communication elements so family can send pictures, emails, reminders, messages, videos, music, voice messages, calendar appointments right to the system. The elderly can play games, watch brain benders, music, movie clips, news or even weather reports.

4. GreatCall Responder

This is a wireless, mobile device that is easy to use at home or on the go. Its small size can be attached to purse, keychain or backpack. Just press the button in case of emergency like a fall, etc. the user is directly connected to their highly trained certified agent who will identify them and their location. A family member or friend is conferenced in and a local ambulance is dispatched. Nursing services can be accessed if needed and can be used to contact the local healthcare providers directly.

5. Independa

This is a software that provides products and services to the elders who are away from their family or caregivers some or all the time. Its web application provides telephonic services such as solutions for social engagement, health, environmental and routine activity monitoring.

6. MobileHelp, The Anywhere Help Button

This GPS based unit can get you help anywhere, anytime, with the press of a single button. The home unit is like a traditional medical alert system but for the go, is a small hand held unit that can be placed in the purse or clipped to your belt. When the emergency button is pushed, the operator knows who and where the person is and can send help exactly to that location.

7. TabSafe

This machine reminds, dispenses, alerts and posts information on compliance, inventory and other health information. Its patented design allows one tablet or dose to be released at a time. It is also connected to a pharmacist that allows them to interface and enter each customeräó»s medication information at the same time, so that a label is generated. Each individual unit has detailed prescription data and compliance records and also coordinates reordering.

8. Telikin

It is a computer device that combines video chat, photo sharing, email and others on a touchscreen device. It comes fully installed and is quick to set up.

9. TelyHD

This device comes installed with Skype video so one can stay in touch with the caregiver and family. This can be used for many purposes such as home healthcare and home nursing services.

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