Baby Development – 5 Month Old Baby Activities

Baby Development – 5 Month Old Baby Activities

Every baby goes through a transition every month. Each month is a learning curve for both the parents and the baby. A baby is more aware of its environment when it grows five- month -old. There will be significant changes that you can witness in this month when your five-month-old baby is developing.

Let go through the notable changes that happen when a baby is five-month-old.

A sense-filled baby!

5 month baby activities

Sensible Baby – 5 Month Baby Activities

Many of the senses a baby acquires happen when it’s five-month-old. Its vision starts to improve, and the baby begins to see the difference between the colors even though they prefer primary colors such as yellow, red, and blue. At this stage, babies have not gained their full vision, but they can now focus without crossing. As parents, you will have to help heighten your baby’s senses. Making them listen to music will increase the sense of hearing, and also babies love music, and you will love to see them bouncing on the beat.

From this time onwards, they start getting familiar with things, so make sure to give them toys that are of different colors and make sure to say what the toy is to them.

The BBC – Babbling Baby Communication!

5 Month Baby Activities

Baby Talk – 5 Month Baby Activities

This is the time when you will hear the cute babbling of the baby as it tries to make a sound for the very first time. It isn’t the time when the baby speaks as such, but they do make an occasional da da da! , Umm!

Don’t get your expectations high to hear the lovely words of Mama and Dada as that will take time to happen.

The Crawling Curiosity!

5 Month Baby Activities

Crawling – 5 Month Baby Activities

Babies are curious little souls and that curiosity to explore arises when they are five months old. They start to roll over & try to hold their body still. They might also attempt to crawl as well. They will also try to lift and carry very light objects too. But one the greatest achievement of this month can sit up momentarily a little help of support.

The Sleepy Bum!

5 month old baby activities

Baby Sleeping – 5 Month Old Baby Activities

This is the right time to get your baby on a sleeping schedule. Start with a routine of having a warm bath at night, which sets the baby in the mode for a long good night’s sleep. Cradle your baby to sleep, doing this will help them to get in the rhythm of sleeping well at night. You can also give a gentle massage before they are off to bed.

At this age, you must introduce your baby to a different 5 month baby activities. The following are some simple 5 month old baby activities that can boost your baby’s development.

Music is always fun.

5 Month Old Baby Activities

Baby Dancing – 5 Month Old Baby Activities

Hold your baby and switch on the music, and observe if he reacts. If your baby tries to move along the music, help him to move according to the rhythm of the music. Do remember to avoid playing loud music and stick to playing only soft melodious music. Also, play soft music at intervals.

The Hide and Seek

5 month activity for babies

Hide & Seek – 5 Month Activity For Babies

Play hide and seek with your baby. Hide your baby’s favorite toy under sheets, and then unhide it from them. Next time you do the same to see their reaction. This activity is to induce curiosity and draw attention to the toy.

It’s Story Time.

activities to do with 5 month old baby

Story Time – Activities To Do With 5 Month Old Baby

Draw your baby’s attention to the storybook. Recite them stories and poems from the book. Just make sure that your baby is looking at the text while you do so. There are many beautiful baby books from which you can read out to them. The colorful imagery on the books gets the babies excited and helps with visual learning in the upcoming months more interesting. Nowadays, you can also make them listen to the children’s stories through audiobooks.  Audiobooks make a five-month-old baby learn new words and heightens their listening skills.

Smell the Fruit Exercise!

Activities To Do With 5 Month Old Baby

Smell The Fruit – Activities To Do With 5 Month Old Baby

Cut different fruits and make your five-month-old baby smell it. This five-month-old baby activity heightens the baby’s sense of smell and also makes them familiar with healthier food options. It is an excellent exercise to follow every other day.

Understand that every baby is different, and not everything mentioned above will work with every baby. So give your five-month-old baby some space to develop his/her abilities according to their own pace. There are many 5 month old baby activities out there that you can follow according to your own baby’s personality and liking.

At every stage, babies are growing up, developing, and learning. It is a beautiful process to witness. So enjoy every step of the growth as your five-month-old baby transitions & get good tips on baby care.

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