7 Herbs That Will Banish Back Pain

If you have been suffering from something similar, there are measures you can take to ease the pain. In addition to your regular everyday exercises and healthy lifestyle, try using these herbs that can provide some much-needed relief.

7 Herbs That Can Fight Back Pain

1. Tulsi (Basil) Leaves

basil (tulsi) leaves

Basil leaves can reduce inflammation and ease pain. You can eat fresh basil leaves each day to make the most of it. Also, you can boil basil leaves in water and drink it as tea.

2. Ajwain Seeds (Carrom Seeds Or Bishop’s Weed)

ajwain seeds

Ajwain seeds are very effective in reducing pain. The best part is that you can use it in your everyday cooking, as well as boil it in water and drink the warm water as tea. If you are experiencing severe pain, just boil a tsp. of ajwain seeds in water and sip on the tea.

3. Aloe Vera

aloe vera leaf

Aloe vera is yet another natureäó»s cure that can help you fight back pain. If you have the aloe vera plant, you can take the fresh gel and massage it on your back every day to get relief. Alternatively, you can drink about 30 ml of aloe vera juice each day on an empty stomach.

4. Turmeric

turmeric haldi

Turmeric contains anti-inflammatory properties that can reduce and prevent back pain. You can use turmeric in your daily meals, as well as eat it raw to get the most effective results. You can boil a piece of turmeric in water and drink it as tea, or boil it in milk and drink turmeric milk each morning.

5. Ginger

ginger root

Ginger is also known for its anti-inflammatory properties and can help in reducing as well as preventing back pain. Add ginger in your everyday cup of tea. You can also boil it in water and drink the same, or boil it in milk to drink ginger milk. If you find the taste too strong, add freshly ground ginger juice to a spoon of honey and have each day.

6. Garlic And Coconut Oil

garlic and coconut oil

Make your very own pain fighting oil at home using garlic and coconut oil. In a pan, add about 60 ml coconut oil and about 10 cloves of garlic. Let it fry till it becomes brown. Remove from heat and let it reach a warm temperature. Use the oil to massage the affected area.

7. Black Pepper

black pepper

Piperine is a chemical found in black pepper that can reduce your inflammation and pain. If you can, eat it raw each day to get the best results. Alternatively, you can add it to various dishes.

If you suffer from chronic or constant back pain, make sure you visit a doctor and get the correct diagnosis. Also, visit a physiotherapist and use it along with the above mentioned home remedies to get the best results.

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