7 Everyday Healing Methods Your Physiotherapist Can Do For You


One of the biggest things most people do not realize about physiotherapists is that this is not all that they are restricted to. In fact, the quality of our life can be really enhanced to a great extent if we choose to seek some help from a qualified physiotherapist.

Here are 7 ways in which physiotherapy can help you improve your daily life quality.

1. Better Posture

Something as seemingly small as having a wrong posture for a consistent period of time can be harmful in more ways than one. Wrong posture can lead to various common skeletal conditions such as cervical spondylosis, lower back pain, osteoarthritis of the knee etc.

How a physiotherapist can help Correct the condition by laying out a gradual, comfortable and effective exercise plan that will help you exercise the pain areas. The expert will also demonstrate about the right posture which, if followed correctly, can prevent further damage or pain.

2. Ergonomics

If you want to maintain the right posture at your workplace, you may need to use the right tools too. Various things come into play here, such as the height of your work desk, the position and the height of the chair in relation to the desk, the height of the computer screen etc. Also, there are devices such as the keyboard that is ergonomically designed to exert the least amount of pressure on the wrist and fingers and so on.

How a physiotherapist can helpOffer you the right guidance as to how you can best manage your posture and cause less pain and damage to your health in the long run.

3. Physiotherapy For Women

Women’s health physiotherapy is a branch of physiotherapy that includes therapy for disorders that specifically affect women, such as the pelvis and pelvic floor, pre-natal and post-natal physiotherapy and more. It is also useful to reduce the post-pregnancy weight and improve stamina after giving birth.

How a physiotherapist can helpSuggest exercises that can reduce the painful symptoms and discomfort that women experience during and after a pregnancy. It can also reduce menstrual cramps, help regulate the cycle and take care of other issues related to the menstrual cycle.

4. Relief From Asthma

Bringing about certain changes in your lifestyle can help bring relief from breathing issues such as asthma. The simple modifications include things such as walking, doing light exercises, yoga, getting a sufficient amount of sunlight, eating the right foods and so on.

How a physiotherapist can help: Demonstrate useful and tailored physical exercises along with breathing exercises that can reduce the onset of asthma and other related breathing issues.

It refers to the type of treatment that involves the use of water. Hydrotherapy is a mix of special exercises that are done in a warm water body, such as in a warm pool or spa. Those who have difficulty in sleeping or suffer from any form of sleeping disorder can benefit greatly from this therapy. It can also help to treat headaches, depression and various nerve and muscle problems.

How a physiotherapist can help: Make sure the temperature of the water is between 33 and 36 degrees so that the muscles have a relaxing effect. The various exercises in the water will also improve blood flow and ease pain.

Many people take the help of physiotherapy to encourage their baby to take the first steps and help the limbs improve on balancing, gripping etc. Even as most parents use a walker to help their babies walk, a physiotherapist will strongly recommend against it and encourage the barefoot or soft legged shoe approach.

How a physiotherapist can help: Children who suffer from cerebral palsy can benefit immensely, and a few of the sessions can also help children who have neurological impairments. Gradual and regular exercising will help to achieve milestones as well as improve and maintain movement.

Unlike common perception, you don’t have to wait for an accident before you visit a physiotherapist. Physiotherapy can enhance your life in more ways than one. Coupled with the right eating habits, the exercises can help build your stamina and promote longevity.

How a physiotherapist can help identify your body type, your specific body needs, constitution, habits, activities and such and plan a customized exercise plan. It can improve your mental health, as well as release happy hormones that will help to reduce stress.

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